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NFL offseason wish list: New England Patriots

Three moves I’d love to see the Patriots make this offseason.

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome to our fantasy football wish lists where we’re going through each NFL team and listing three things we’d love to see them do this offseason for fantasy reasons (but also real football reasons).

For most of these lists (or at least for the ones that I’ve written) I’ve been making moves for fantasy reasons, but also for actual football reasons. Just look at my Dolphins piece where my entire goal was just making the team relevant and one that at least a handful of people would enjoy watching. With the Patriots, this is purely fantasy. Bill Belichick needs zero help putting together a championship winning team since he’s been teaching a master class in it for the last decade. He certainly doesn’t need my help. However, he does need my help when it comes to maximizing fantasy production. So, you’re welcome in advanced Bill.

Sign Marshawn Lynch

Set aside all your Antonio Brown pipe dreams or your Odell Beckham hallucinations, Lynch to the Patriots is the perfect fantasy. Ignoring the fact that Lynch almost certainly won’t leave sunny, hometown Oakland for cold New England, he’d be the perfect fantasy running back for the Patriots. Outside of Tom Brady and occasionally Rob Gronkowski, there’s no more reliable fantasy role with the Patriots than goalline back. Need I remind you of LeGarrette Blount’s 18 touchdowns in 2016. Sony Michel put his best foot forward last year as the Patriots’ goal line back, but he doesn’t have the power to reliably break tackles and get into the end zone (and I say this even after his playoff run). Lynch meanwhile has exactly the strength and tackle shedding you’re looking for from a goal line back: he broke tackles on 22.9% of his touches, 10th in the NFL last year (among players with at least 100 touches). Will this happen? Hell no. BUT THINK OF THE INTERVIEWS!

Sign Donte Moncrief

Yes the Patriots still managed to win a Super Bowl without him, but damn New England’s offense was so much more fun to watch with Josh Gordon in it. Sadly, who knows if Gordon will be playing in 2019—or even be allowed to play since, you know, weed is terrible—but giving the Patriots a big, deep threat seems like a good idea. Moncrief fits the billing as someone who can stretch the field (runs a 4.4 forty) and has the size and length to box out corners (6-foot-2 with 33” arms). He also fits the mold of who the Patriots love to sign: a player who’ll likely have a smaller market than top free agents but could be just as productive as a Tyrell Williams.

Trade for Josh Rosen & keep the dynasty rolling

If you follow me on twitter or listen to the RB1 Podcast, you know this is my favorite narrative of the offseason. And now that Kyler Murray has the same physical attributes as Russell Wilson, well hold your nose cause here goes the cold water: Murray’s going first overall to the Cardinals. And that means Josh Rosen needs to find a new home and there’s no better home than sitting behind Brady for another year or so, learning all his GOAT ways, and then orchestrating a seamless takeover to keep the dynasty rolling. Other than the entire NFL, who says no?