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17 fantasy basketball waiver wire adds post-All-Star break

Basketball is back, so it’s time to get back at it.

Los Angeles Clippers v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Welcome back! I hope your All-Star break went well. Let’s jump back into NBA fantasy by looking at sub-50%-owned players with top 50 totals over the past month in minutes, free throw attempts, and total shot attempts. (All numbers courtesy of,, and

Patrick Beverley, PG, LAC, 27% ownership (ESPN)

6th in total minutes over the past 30 days (416)

PatBev is a favorite round these parts. He’s been a top 25 player in ESPN basic over the past month (23rd, to be precise, basically the same Player Rater value as Kevin Durant), and he’s played as many minutes total (416) as James Harden in that span.

Since the New Year, PatBev is averaging 8 points per game on 45% shooting (44% from three), six rebounds, three assists, a steal, and a block per game. Here’s the list of players who are averaging at least 8-6-3-1-1 on 44% shooting on the year: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, Jusuf Nurkic, and Marc Gasol. NONE of those players are averaging a 40+ 3PT%. They’re also ALL BIGS. PatBev is 6’1”. Get real, pick this dude up, and enjoy top 50 production from an undersized guard. He doesn’t score you points, but he does everything else, and he’s been playing big minutes. The Clippers made some trades before the deadline, but they don’t really affect PatBev, and he should maintain a large role for the rest of the season.

Justin Holiday, SG/SF, MEM, 22.1% ownership

11th in total minutes over the past 30 days (394)

I thought Holiday’s minutes would dwindle after he was traded from the Bulls, but Memphis has used him plenty as their starting SF. He’s still a meh player, ratio-wise, but his average over the past month has been 10+ PPG on 38 FG%, 4+ RPG, 2+ APG, and 1+ 3PM. He gets shots (10+ per game), but shooting under 40% is tough. I’d pass, unless you’re desperate for volume stats.

PJ Tucker, SF, HOU, 14.5% ownership

15th in total minutes over the past 30 days (391)

Tucker’s scored 60 points over the past month. No other player in the top 50 of total minutes over the last 30 days has less than 100 points. He’s averaging 5+ PPG and 6+ RPG, with 2+ SPG (nice), but his field goal percentage of, Oh Shit, 31% (!) is a killer. He’s not worth owning, really.

Avery Bradley, SG, MEM, 10% ownership

17th in total minutes over the past 30 days (389)

Avery Bradley played 38 minutes in his second game with the Grizzlies, and he scored 33 points with 6 rebounds and 6 assists. SO great, Bob! Bradley’s shooting 58 FG% in three games with Memphis, but he’s a 28 year old with a career 43 FG%. He’s playing a bit over his head right now, I think, but he’s the starting two-guard on a team that isn’t going to the make the playoffs, so keep your eye on him for streaming purposes, but I don’t think you need to pick him up as a possible keeper. If his volume maintains, then he’s probably useful.

Mikal Bridges, SG/SF, PHX, 20.2% ownership

20th in total minutes over the past 30 days (378)

Mikal Bridges has been a top 100 player over the last month, and surprisingly, also on the entire year (99th overall, right between Jonathan Isaac and Spencer Dinwiddie). He’s basically had the same value as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander over the last month, and he’s averaged 11+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 2+ APG, and 2 steals per game, on 46% shooting. That’s not sexy, but it’s solid: only 19 players this season are averaging 11/4/2 with 46 FG% and even one steal per game. If this is Bridges’ floor, then it’s a high one. He’s definitely on my list of young players to acquire for the long-term. He has a true shooting percentage of 56 TS% this season, the same as Lou Williams. Of all players 22 years of age or younger, that number is 15th best, right in between Lauri Markkanen and Jayson Tatum.

Darius Miller, SF, NO, 2% ownership

21st in total minutes over the past 30 days (378)

I’m sorry, I do not know what to tell you regarding Pelicans players. I don’t know if Anthony Davis will play, I don’t know if anyone will be bought out, I don’t know if anyone will be rested for tanking purposes...I don’t know anything about this team going forward. Sorry.

FWIW, I like E’lite E’Twaun Moore much more than Darius Miller.

Justise Winslow, PG/SF, MIA, 46.9% ownership

30th in total minutes over the past 30 days (363)

This kind of surprised me as I thought Justise’s ownership was higher. Winslow is having his best season, and you should absolutely positively pick him up if he’s available on the wire in your league. He’s 22 years old, he’s averaging career bests in nearly every category, and since the new year began he’s averaged 13+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 4+ APG. Only 18 players have averaged that for the season this year! Even with Winslow’s sub-par ratios, that’s still worth using in the hopes that his shooting improves with age (he’s still just 22, remember). Also, remember that this is the guy that Danny Ainge, the Celtics GM, wanted to trade 4 1st round draft picks for. What if he’s turning into the guy that Ainge thought he could be?

Jeff Green, SF/PF, WAS, 30.4% ownership

33rd in total minutes over the past 30 days (361)

Listen, man, what do you want me to tell you: Jeff Green’ been a top 100 player this season, and he’s been a top 50 player this month past. I don’t want him on my team, you don’t want him on your team, no one wants him on their team. If he’s, available, then, damn, man, I dunno, pick him up, I guess. But, it’s just soooooo depressing to return to a guy who’s burned you so many times before. It seems like he’s in a perfect spot now in DC, but isn’t the fact that we’re saying that about the Wizards a gigantic red flag? I don’t know what to expect from this team going forward, I really don’t. Dwight Howard’s still on the team, isn’t he? WTF is this team?

Taurean Prince, SF, ATL, 34.1% ownership

43rd in total minutes over the past 30 days (348)

Prince has had a bit of a lost season. Despite improving in multiple categories, including True Shooting, Effective Field Goal, and Offensive Rating, he’s having a disappointing year. The Hawks have jumbled their rotations all year, but Prince has started the past 6 games, so maybe they’ll settle into their best starting lineup (especially for shooting threes) of Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, Taurean Prince, John Collins and Dewayne Dedmon. It’s too bad they couldn’t move Bazemore at the deadline, he’s a very useful player. Prince has been worth as much as Khris Middleton and Luka Doncic over the past month.

Monte Morris, PG, DEN, 23.3% ownership

46th in total minutes over the past 30 days (347)

Despite playing as many minutes as Otto Porter, Jr., has recently, I can’t do a full-on, enthusiastic PICK UP MONTE MORRIS AT ALL COSTS! Denver has 12 real guys on their team. Remember, Isaiah Thomas is back, and Gary Harris is also returning, so the Nuggets now have a guard rotation that’s five deep. Now, maybe the Nugs do more guard-heavy, perimeter player rotations going forward, but it’s hard to see Morris being high on the totem pole of minutes when there’s also Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Malik Beasley (who’s been lights out), and I.T. Morris has also been shooting lights out (58 FG% over the past month) but I’m not sure how Mike Malone, Denver’s coach, will apportion minutes (aside from the Joker, of course). Monte Morris is damn good, and he could be a starting PG for another team. Can’t promise you big minutes down the stretch, though.

Uncle Marvin Williams, PF, CHA, 18.8% ownership

48th in total minutes over the past 30 days (344)

Uncle Marv’s shooting comes and goes, but he’s out there doing work, every game, whether the weather’s good or bad. He’ll fetch you 11 and 5, on average, with a few 3PM per game. But, his shooting’s down from last year (60 T% last season, 55 TS% this season). Charlotte needs him to be good so they can end the season well and make the playoffs. If need has any effect on fantasy numbers, then maybe Uncle Marv is set to have his best part of the season yet? His shooting improved post-All-Star Game last year…

Jonathan Isaac, PF/SF, ORL, 55% ownership

50th in total minutes over the past 30 days (341)

As our illustrious editor extraordinaire Pete Rogers’ favorite player, Jonathan Isaac is here to make you believe in magic! He’s been netting you (no regrets) 13 and 7 over the past month, with contributions in assists, steals, and blocks, as well as 3PM. He’s been a top 15 fantasy player over the past month (due to the elite blocks, primarily), but let me point out to you that only 14 players are averaging 13+ PPG, 7+ RPG, and 1+ BPG on the season. If those are Isaac’s season long baseline numbers, then he’s Myles Turner. Pick up Pete’s favorite player before he disappears!

DeMarre Carroll, SF/PF, BK, 13.2% ownership

26th in total free throw attempts over the past 30 days (54, tied with Dennis Smith, Jr.)

These final five players are all top 50 in free throw attempts or field goal attempts over the past month. I was not expecting DeMarre Carroll on this list of FTA, especially since I watch a lot of Nets games, but I just didn’t notice that he was at the line so much. He’s third in minutes on the Nets since January 1st, and fifth in field goal attempts. Unfortunately, his shooting remains subpar outside of that one great Atlanta season (contract year), and he’s wasting plenty of shots at the line. He’s shooting 40 FG%, 37 3PT%, and 71 FT% since 1/1/19. Yech. He’s barely rosterable in ESPN basic, but he’s a viable streamer if your league rewards minutes and/or free throw attempts, or if you’re not looking for any one stat cat filler in particular.

Shabazz Napier, PG, BK, 5.8% ownership

40th in total FTA over the past 30 days (47, tied with D’Angelo Russell)

Carroll’s teammate, Shabazz Napier, is faring better, as he’s hitting 80% of his free throw attempts. But, his other ratios suck, too: 32% from three, 37 FG% overall (since 1/1/19). Shabazz has been useful in volume since Spencer Dinwiddie went down with an injury, but he’s definitely not as good. Brooklyn’s 5-6 since Shabazz replaced Spencer, with a bottom 10 3PT% as a team. The Nets are three games up on Charlotte and are in the 6 seed in the East, but they’re not going to make the playoffs if they can’t score for the rest of the season. They have a bottom five true shooting percentage as a team since Dinwiddie got hurt (they’re 15th on the season). Guys need to start sinking their free throws.

We’re not sure when Dinwiddie will come back, but I assume that Caris LeVert will eat into Shabazz’s minutes, anyway. There are, strangely, actually a lot of mouths to feed in Brooklyn, and I just don’t see Shabazz or DeMarre being fed the most going forward.

Kevin Knox, SF, NYK, 48.4% ownership

21st in total field goal attempts over the past 30 days (179, one less than Joel Embiid)

This is a bit of a lede bury because Kevin Knox is ALSO in the top 50 in total minutes over the past month, so he’s actually a part of the previous list. But, I wanted to emphasize just how many shots Knox has been taking. He’s taken more shots than Dame Lillard over the past month! Hellfire! Knox is shooting almost like he deserves to! Except...he doesn’t. Not yet, at least. Knox is shooting sub-40% from the field since the new year began, and the Knicks are one of those teams whose TS% is actually worse than the Nets’. The Knicks are trying to lose and so they’re letting their rookie shoot as much as he wants. He’s only scoring 13 PPG with 1+ 3PM per game, so this is more about picking up a young gunner who’s probably going to take a lot more shots this season. He’s a good pickup, but only as an investment.

Terrence Ross, SG/SF, ORL, 45.4% ownership

24th in total FGA over the past 30 days (177, tied with Karl-Anthony Towns)

TRoss is still sizzling! He’s been one of the best shooters in the NBA this season, and that hasn’t seemed to change during the trade deadline season. Orlando kept him, presumably for his great spacing, and he may be a real help for Isaac and Vucevic and eventually Mo Bamba next season. He’s been a top 100 player all season, and there’s no reason to think that will change.

Malik Beasley, SG, DEN, 30.3% ownership

42nd in total FGA over the past 30 days (151, one more than Jayson Tatum)

I know what I said about Monte Morris, another Denver guard, above. However, I’d like to point out that Malik Beasley is averaging 50 FG%, 43 3PT%, and 88 FT%. He’s just a few more made free throws away from being in the 50-40-90 club on the season. The ONLY PLAYER IN THE NBA with those ratios is...Malcolm Brogdon! The Mutant, Malik Beasley, has been absolutely awesome for the Nuggets. Regardless of the health of other players, I do think that Beasley will maintain similar minutes going forward. He’s just been too efficient. Since January 1st, Beasley’s been third in minutes on Denver, third in shot attempts, first in three point attempts, and has the fourth best plus-minus. Since 1/1/19, only 37 players are matching or exceeding Beasley’s 6.1 3PA per game, and he has the third best 3PT% of those players, behind only Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield.

Dude’s been incredible. Pick him up, if you can, before he mutates into a star. (No regrets, x2!)