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NFL offseason wish list: Cleveland Browns

Things are ‘finally’ heating up in Cleveland

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to our fantasy football wish lists, where we’re going through each NFL team and listing three things we’d love to see them do this offseason for fantasy reasons (but also real football reasons).

Do not release Jamie Collins

I saw the article that came out stating the Browns need to let him go (as the third highest paid player in 2019) and I vehemently disagree. He is paid as a top 10 outside linebacker ($11.7MM per season) and he is a top 10 outside linebacker (9th in tackles). From the moment he stepped in with Cleveland he became both a leader in tackles and a much needed experience player on a very young squad. His importance goes beyond the tackling, and pressure on QB (which is is also top five among teams who use the same scheme) and goes into his leadership.

Find a WR who is not too expensive and not a diva

The Browns have the cap room, but also Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway. They need a good third option who can help add depth to the rotation. This doesn’t need to be Golden Tate or Tyrell Williams, I would accept Randall Cobb, Donte Moncrief or even Cordarrelle Patterson. My big fear is between Kareem Hunt and Antonio Callaway, Cleveland doesn’t need the headache that a Dez Bryant, Kelvin Benjamin or Martavis Bryant could potentially bring.

Upgrade the Cornerback not named Denzel Ward

Denzel proved himself every bit the solid CB last year as the 17th most interceptions and 21st in passes defended across 13 games played. Time to go all in on Kareem Jackson, Bryce Callahan or Morris Claiborne on the other side. This plus Myles Garrett gives the Browns the perfect 1-2 combo against opposing QBs. The Browns started in the elite status under Tyrod Taylor and regressed back a bit to Baker but still stood at a very respectable 7th in takeaway / giveaway ratio.