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NFL offseason wish list: Baltimore Ravens

Three things I’d love to see the Ravens do this offseason.

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Welcome to our fantasy football wish lists where we’re going through each NFL team and listing three things we’d love to see them do this offseason for fantasy reasons (but also real football reasons).

I’ve been starting these with a little 2018 retrospective and looking at what areas of the team need to be addressed this offseason. This piece I’m starting with a standing ovation for Eric DeCosta for trading Joe Flacco and officially handing the Baltimore Ravens over to Lamar Jackson. Thank you Eric. Obviously this was going to be Jackson’s team anyways but now it’s just nice to know for certain that if there’s a hiccup in the road next year, the Ravens will let Lamar work his way through it and we won’t get a billion think pieces about if they should turn back over to Flacco. Plus, fourth round pick! Well done you guys. So, now that the team is officially Lamar’s, here’s what the Ravens can do to maximize their offense (and fantasy output).

Pick a running back and stick with them

Is it Alex Collins? Is it Gus Edwards? Is it Kenneth Dixon? Is it Le’Veon Bell? (I’m not getting my hopes up on that one but hey, who says no?) Whomever the Ravens decide is their running back of choice, pick him and give him your full support. Last year, Baltimore had one of the best rushing attacks in NFL history with Jackson at the helm, rushing for almost 230 yards per game. I would expect a similarly elite rushing attack in 2019—certainly not as historic, but great nonetheless—and I would like to know which running back I can draft and start in order to benefit from this.

Sign Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is far from the sexiest name in the free agency pool but he could quickly become Jackson’s favorite target. Hogan certainly left a bad taste in most people’s mouths after a Super Bowl performance in which he failed to make a catch despite being targeted six times, yet during the season he was second in the NFL in average separation (according to Next Gen stats). Adding Hogan would give Jackson a receiver with reliable hands who constantly gets open, something that would help Jackson improve upon his 58.2 completion percentage (fourth worst in the league last year). Plus, it still keeps the door open for them to go after a receiver in the draft—which is something I certainly think they should do.

Sign Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson is never going to be a top receiving threat in the NFL. But what he proved to be this year in New England is a very effective offensive weapon who can line up all over the formation and make plays catching and rushing the football. Imagine the amount of creativity and motion you can do with Patterson and Jackson on the field at the same time. This signing isn’t going to turn Patterson into a fantasy stud or even really give him sustainable fantasy value; I really just want to make the Ravens’ offense as fun and creative as possible and signing a player like Patterson would simply add to the playmakers defenses have to worry about.