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The Ravens are trading Joe Flacco to the Broncos

Are we sure the Broncos got better?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

It seems that once the offseason officially starts, Joe Flacco will be finding himself a new home in Denver as it seems the Baltimore Ravens are finalizing a deal to send him to the Broncos:

From the Ravens side, this is a great trade. You get out from under Joe Flacco’s contract and you officially hand the keys of the offense to Lamar Jackson. Not that we expected there to be drama between Jackson and Flacco as to who would be the starting quarterback in 2019, but at least that is entirely put to rest.

Meanwhile on the Broncos’ side... WHAT IS JOHN ELWAY DOING?

Let me start off my argument about why this is stupid and John Elway doesn’t know how to build a team with this beautiful stat:

Since Case Keenum entered the league (because don’t you forget he was the starting quarterback in Denver), he and Flacco have basically been the exact same quarterback. Look at those stats. There’s nothing different! Flacco is actually worse in some categories. And Elway just traded to get Flacco when he already had Keenum under contract.

And let’s quickly talk contracts: now with Flacco on the books, the Broncos have $47.5 million on their cap FOR JUST 2019 between both Flacco and Keenum, both of whom are the same quarterback.

I ask you again, what is Elway doing?

At least is officially Lamar Jackson time in Baltimore.


Broncos fans, do you like this trade?

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