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2019 Fantasy Football Rankings: Defenses for Week 14

Top 20 Defense Options for Week 14

Chiefs beat Raiders 40-9 Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

There were several match up winning defensive performances in Week 13, with 4 teams scoring more fantasy points that either Keenan Allen (18.8 points) or Todd Gurley (18.5 points). The Buccaneers led the defensive scoring this week with 24 points against the free-falling Jaguars, with 4 turnovers, 5 sacks and a defensive touchdown. That defensive performance pushes the Bucs up to the fringes of being a must start defense as the 12th overall scorers in 2019.

The other strong weeks came from the Chiefs (21 points), Rams (20 points) and Titans (19 points) and are also all legitimate fantasy defenses for the fantasy playoffs.

Looking ahead and with a lot of leagues starting the fantasy playoffs this week, there are some great streaming options for this week to help you to that first round win. The Chiefs travel to Foxborough to face a struggling Patriots offense, and at just 22% owned, are an intriguing option this week, especially if their explosive offense can do what the Ravens and Texans did to the Patriots’ top rated defense. The Titans also continue to be criminally underutilised as a fantasy option and are also a potential waiver wire pickup against the Raiders this week at just 31% owned.

Top 20 Defenses Week 14

Week 14 Rank Team Opponent Owned %
Week 14 Rank Team Opponent Owned %
1 Vikings vs Lions 63.9%
2 Steelers @ Cardinals 85.8%
3 Ravens @ Bills 77.5%
4 49ers @ Saints 92.5%
5 Eagles vs Giants 76.4%
6 Chiefs @ Patriots 22.1%
7 Titans @ Raiders 31.2%
8 Bills vs Ravens 85.1%
9 Rams vs Seahawks 73.9%
10 Jets vs Dolphins 45.7%
11 Cowboys @ Bears 47.5%
12 Buccaneers vs Colts 2.8%
13 Patriots vs Chiefs 98.6%
14 Bears vs Cowboys 94.6%
15 Saints vs 49ers 88.5%
16 Texans vs Broncos 13.9%
17 Packers vs Redskins 31.5%
18 Browns vs Bengals 53.8%
19 Chargers @ Jaguars 37.7%
20 Seahawks @ Rams 34.6%