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Fantasy football buy or sell: DeVante Parker has reached elite fantasy status

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Determining which Week 13 storylines are for real and which are fake.

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Like most football fans, I’ve spent the vast majority of this year relentlessly heckling the Miami Dolphins for first tanking, and then tanking at tanking and actually winning games. It’s easy to make fun of bad teams and the Dolphins have plenty of bad to go around.

Or at least they did.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dolphins are still one of, if not the, worst team from a talent perspective in the NFL, but you can’t ignore they have something developing at wide receiver with the emergence (re-emergence? re-re-emergence?) of DeVante Parker. Parker is somehow the WR15 in non-PPR and WR20 in PPR leagues. When did that happen? He’s been even better recently, going over 90 yards receiving and/or scoring a touchdown in four of his last five games.

Is DeVante Parker here to carry your team to a fantasy championship?

There are always big storylines to come out of each NFL week and I like looking at these narratives and figuring out—with you the people in the twittersphere’s help—just how much I believe them and how that should dictate my fantasy moves for the week. So, let’s see which Week 13 reactions we are buying and selling.

It’s taken away—both in terms of his career and this season—for Parker to get to this point, but he is here in a big way. Since Preston Williams hit IR in Week 9, Parker is averaging 10 targets, six catches, 113 yards and half a touchdown. That’s pretty incredible across a four week span. Parker has developed excellent chemistry with Mr. Chuck-it himself Ryan Fitzpatrick and the two of them are leading the Dolphins offense out of boring status and quickly approaching watchable status. That’s big!

If you have Parker on your team, consider yourself a lucky, luck fantasy owner. Parker plays the Jets, Giants, Bengals and Patriots rest of the way, and that Patriots game won’t matter because your fantasy playoffs should be going until Week 17 because that’s dumb. I clearly should’ve been bolder in my statement because Parker might not just be a WR2, but rather a WR1 rest of the year.


Gardner Minshew is back for GOOD

I mean, the guy should have never left. I understand wanting to see what Nick Foles can do for you after you’ve gave him a ton of money this offseason, but it seems to be the Jaguars should’ve just ridden with the rookie for as long as they could until he really pooped the bed. It’s pretty hard to get excited about bland oatmeal Foles when you’ve good Lucky Charms mixed with Fruit Loops and a dash of just plain ol’ sugar in Minshew waiting in the cupboard.

I’m voting yes on this because I don’t want to live in a world where the answer is no. The NFL is a better league with Minshew chucking the pigskin around.

Verdict: Buy your fake mustaches

You can trust Ronald Jones

Sweet Tebow I wish I was bold enough to be contrarian here but I can’t find the testicular fortitude to do it. What is with the Buccaneers and their inability to just have ONE guy be their fantasy star. First you gotta figure out which of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin is going to go off and now you have you parse out from Bruce Arians interviews if Ronald Jones is going to suddenly get benched and Peyton Barber is now the RB1 in Tampa.

My gut tells me Jones still has more value than Barber moving forward, but at this point, I can’t trust this backfield to play out like I expect it will. If you don’t need to be a part of it, why bother yourself? Go get Alexander Mattison or Benny Snell or Rashaad Penny instead.

Verdict: Sell the entire Bucs backfield

Alshon Jeffery is a reliable WR2 again

I don’t know if y’all majority Jeffery owners who are trying to put good vibes out there or Eagles fans, but damn you guys are positive on the Eagles offense. I, on the other hand, am not. I don’t doubt Jeffery is going to be better than he was earlier this year—it’d be kinda hard not to be when he’s facing the Giants two out of the next four weeks—but I don’t think he’s going to be a consistent WR2 rest of the year.

Up till Week 13, Jeffery had only gone over 65 receiving yards once and only more than 15 PPR points twice. While the Giants will be a cake walk, Washington and the Cowboys both have average to above average secondaries against wide receivers this year, and neither Jeffery nor this Eagles passing game have proven they can have success on any defense other than terrible.

Verdict: Sell

Raheem Mostert is the 49ers RB to own

The beauty of this is that a) it’s true and b) you can still get him! As I type these exact words, Mostert is rostered in only 15% of leagues. So yea, he’s widely available.

Matt Breida is too banged up to be trusted moving forward and Tevin Coleman really hasn’t done much since I bravely said he was going to be an RB1 rest of the year back in like Week 8. Lol, that really panned out. There clearly doesn’t seem to be A guy in San Francisco’s backfield, which means any and every back has fantasy value. Over the last four games, Mostert is averaging 10 touches and 70 total yards per game. If you want to get a part of this 49ers running attack, he’s the guy to buy.

Verdict: Buy, partially because he’s good and partially because he’s the only back you can buy in SF