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Week 16 bold predictions: Locking in Drew Lock

Bounce back week at Mile High

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Drew Lock is a top 10 QB against Detroit this weekend

Justification: Detroit’s Defense is bad on the road. The last three road games they allowed 300+ yards (Dak Prescott, Mitchell Trubisky and Jameis Winston) with at least 3 TDs allowed and 30+ fantasy points. Drew had a down week last week vs. a talented Kansas City team and should rebound this week.

Prediction 2: Leonard Fournette is listed as the seventh best RB but he finishes outside the top 20

Justification: There is a chance he goes off this weekend but he has two things going against him, after 20+ touches for a number of games, he has now gone three straight games with 15 of fewer carries with 50 or fewer yards. Also I’m believing in the Atlanta defense of late who has limited the following RB’s to 65 or fewer yards and no TDs: Christian McCaffrey (x2), Alvin Kamara (x2), Todd Gurley, Duke Johnson, Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, and Peyton Barber.

Prediction 3: Jarvis Landry is a top 15 WR vs. Baltimore

Justification: Three things: Earlier this year Jarvis went off for 167 yards against Baltimore. Baltimore is likely wanting revenge meaning Cleveland might be playing from behind a bit this game and airing the ball out. Finally, Jarvis got just 5 catches and 23 yards, I think he is fed the ball more this week.

Prediction 4: Dallas Cowboys defense is listed as the 20th best, they will be a top seven defense

Justification: Philadelphia’s offense has been good as of late….against Miami, New York Giants and Washington Redskins. Prior to those three games they scored nine points against Seattle and 10 points against New England. Now they come against a Dallas team that beat them 37-10 earlier this year and has a strong defense. This Cowboys team has limited Buffalo, New England and the Rams to 21 points or less over the last 3 weeks with just one bad week against Chicago (allowing 31 points). They have at least 2 sacks in each game and 3 turnovers in the last two weeks.

Prediction 5: Steelers vs. Jets over/under is 38.5pts, give me over at 43.5pts

Justification: The Jets, for all of their shortcomings, have scored at least 22 points in each of their last three home games. The Steelers, for their continued rotation at RB and QB have also scored at least 16 points in three of their last four road games. Furthermore, the Jets have allowed 20 points in each of their last two games and Pittsburgh has allowed at least 17 points in two of their last road games. I think Sam will light it up for the Jets and the porous defense will allow Pittsburgh to run up some points on the other end.

Recapping Week 15

Prediction 1: Kyler Murray finishes as a top seven QB

Recap: He did fantastic in the first half. Then his team got up by 20 points and Arizona ran the ball exclusively. He ended as a top 20 QB, far from top 7 (Grade: D)

Prediction 2: Davante Adams finishes outside the top 25 this week

Recap: My biggest miss of the week, Davante exposed the Chicago secondary getting 103 yards and 1 TD as the 11th best WR (Grade: D)

Prediction 3: Adrian Peterson is a top 15 RB this week

Recap: Ding ding ding. He was a top 12 RB with 66 rushing yards a touchdown and 25 receiving yards. (Grade: A)

Prediction 4: Josh Lambo is a top seven kicker this week

Recap: Josh had a good week with two made field goals, one of them over 40 yards and 2 PAT. He was NOT top seven, he was top nine (Grade: B)

Prediction 5: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans over/under is 50, give me the under at 44.5 points

Recap: This game ended with 45 total points, comfortably below 50 but slightly above my prediction (Grade: B)

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 22
Grade B: 14
Grade C: 8
Grade D: 30