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Fantasy football buy or sell: Bench Cooper Kupp for your fantasy championship

Determining who you can trust for Week 16’s fantasy championship.

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It’s been quite the descent into madness for Cooper Kupp and Kupp fantasy owners. Through the first half of the season, Kupp was the second best receiver in PPR, just a smidge behind Michael Thomas. Then the Rams offense suddenly denigrated and forgot how to play football.

From Week 9 onward, Kupp has been the 46th best wide receiver in PPR leagues. FORTY SIXTH. He was the second best receiver in fantasy for eight weeks and then plummeted from the sky like an unconscious Henry Cavill, only there was no Tom Cruise doing his own stunts to save him (can you tell I just saw Mission Impossible: Fallout recently?).

This raises the question: in your most important game of the year, can you really trust Kupp to help your fantasy team?

There are always big storylines to come out of each NFL week and I like looking at these narratives and figuring out—with you the people in the twittersphere’s help—just how much I believe them and how that should dictate my fantasy moves for the week. And with this being the proper week for fantasy championships, these overreactions are even more important because they could mean the difference between a win and a soul-crushing, season ending loss.

Time to buy and sell!

It’s 100% a yes on Kupp for me. Kupp’s Week 15 stat line will look better thanks to a garbage time touchdown but since the halfway point, Kupp’s target share has done a complete 180. He’s seen more than seven targets only once since Week 10, after starting the season seeing less than seven targets only once. He’s returned to some level of production recently, scoring in each of his last three games but that’s what you’re hoping for now from him. If he doesn’t get you a touchdown, he doesn’t get you anything. I’m not sold he’s scoring vs the 49ers.

I added Odell Beckham into this buy or sell just to make it even sexier. And the answer is still a resounding YES! with him included. His troubles have now gone beyond not seeing any targets and are quickly approaching “I’m onto 2020 and a new team”. Against the Cardinals bad secondary, Beckham saw 13 targets and caught eight of them. However, he only went for 66 yards and no scores. It’s now been four weeks since his last touchdown and 10 weeks since his last 100 yard performance. Bench him.

Verdict: Buy a lot of bench space

A.J. Brown & Breshad Perriman are must-starts

You always will play the what if game after a fantasy loss and for me that what if game will revolve around what if I had started A.J. Brown instead of Deebo Samuel. Now I still would’ve lost since my opponent had Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Kenyan Drake, all of whom played out of their mind this week but the score would’ve at least been closer had I listened to my own advice and started Brown.

Anyways, that’s all to say you one billion percent should be starting Brown and adding Perriman and starting him too. Brown has gone for over 100 yards in three of his last four games and is the best receiver in Tennessee. Perriman meanwhile is the only receiver left in Tampa Bay and has a tremendous matchup against the Houston Texans, the very ones Brown just put up 114 yards and a touchdown against.

Verdict: Buy yourself a championship

Mike Boone is an RB2

I’m not as sold on this as you the people seem to be. While I firmly agree with you that were he given the full workload of the backfield, he’d be in line for a big fantasy outing, especially given he’s facing a vulnerable Packers defense this week. However, it seems somehow Dalvin Cook’s shoulder is ok(?) and he seems on track to play this week. This is a big game for the Vikings and playoff seeding so if Cook is healthy, you can bet the Vikings will want to roll with their best guy in the backfield (not to mention the possibility of a healthy Alexander Mattison returning too).

The situation is obviously worth monitoring but as of now, I’m tempering my Mike Boone hype.

Verdict: Sell

Lamar Jackson is without question the QB1 in 2020 fantasy drafts

I’m impressed with how relatively even this one is. Well done twittersphere! Lamar has been nothing short of brilliantly amazing this season and has been a fantasy cheat code all year. That being said, remember when we were saying the exact same thing about Patrick Mahomes last year? And Deshaun Watson the year before that? I think Lamar is going to be a tour de force for his entire career but NFL coaches are smart (or at least some of them are) and with a full offseason of the Ravens new offense on tape, they’ll start creating defenses to slow down Lamar.

Verdict: Sell the “without question” part

David Johnson isn’t a top 24 RB

Unless he gets traded this offseason, I’m buying this will all my heart. And speaking of trades, can we please get David Johnson to the Buccaneers this offseason? I want a Bruce Arians/David Johnson reunion more than America wants a Friends reunion. Let’s make this happen people!