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Madison Bumgarner signs with the Arizona Diamondbacks

MadBum finds a nice landing spot.

In case you missed it, yours truly updated the scalding hot stove earlier today. Naturally, we have another big move already, a mere three hours later. So it goes.

Bumgarner was the 43rd starter (pick 131) drafted on average in early Pitcher List mocks, right after Robbie Ray and Jesus Luzardo. His ADP data likely won’t change too much after this move, though he is arguably entering a better team context—so perhaps you’ll get a bit more chances at the elusive win in 2020 if you roster him. It’s sounds strange but it’s true: MadBum is still only 30 years old, so perhaps the Diamondbacks will come out on the good side of this one.

Lastly, low-key the best part of all this is...

We still get to see MadBum swinging the bat...and he gets a bit of a park upgrade!