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Terry Rozier is finally living up to his ‘Scary Terry’ nickname in Charlotte

It was a slow start for him, but Rozier is becoming the one of the best ‘Good Player on a Bad Team’ in fantasy basketball.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Terry Rozier’s much-hyped and chronicled stats from the 2017-18 NBA playoffs (when he was still with the Celtics): 16+ PPG, 14 FGA per game, 40 FG%, 7+ 3PA per game, 34 3PT%, 5+ RPG, 5+ APG, 1+ SPG

Terry Rozier’s season line so far this year as a starting guard for the Charlotte Hornets: 17+ PPG, 14+ FGA, 43 FG%, 6+ 3PA, 41 3PT%, 4+ RPG, 4+ APG, 1+ SPG

Seems pretty similar, yeah? I talked a fair amount of shit about Scary Terry earlier this year, but he’s done well: his true shooting percentage of 56 TS% is NBA average, and he’s on a bad/young team, so we shouldn’t count his win/loss numbers against him. Hell, even his defensive numbers should be taken with a grain of salt (Charlotte has the fourth worst defensive rating in the NBA), although he’s an undersized guard and his defensive acumen has definitely been questioned in the past. Good thing for fantasy owners, we don’t care!

Rozier, for all intents and purposes, is now playing as the guy we all wanted him to be: Playoff Scary Terry. It doesn’t look as good on a bad team, and he certainly had a slow start, but now that he’s revved up, he’s looking pretty good! He’s top 25 on ESPN’s Player Rater, which absolutely caused me to check, and then check again, but yup, there he is, right between Tobias Harris and CJ McCollum. Rozier, and his backcourt partner Devonte’ Graham, are both slightly under-owned, but that’s probably due to them being on Charlotte, and folks not trusting their production so far. Fair enough!

Let’s put Rozier’s production into context, though, and maybe we’ll change a few minds. Currently, as of December 9th, 2019, 60 players are averaging 17+ PPG, including Rozier.

Only 23 players also average 4+ RPG and 4+ APG (and, one of them is Steph Curry, so it’s really only 22).

Only 17 players are also averaging 1+ SPG and have a 43 FG% or better.

Here’s the kicker: only three players also have a 40+ 3PT%.

Only Karl-Anthony Towns, Kemba Walker, and TERRY ROZIER average 17/4/4 with a steal per game, and good ratios. Rozier has the 10th best 3PT% of all players who average 6+ 3PA per game. He’s top 10 in 3PT% of players who score at least 17 points per game!

Forget points, here’s the list of players who average 4+ RPG, 4+ APG, 4+ 3PA per game, and shoot 40+ FG% from the floor:

Giannis, Big KAT, LeBron, Brandon Ingram, Luka Doncic, Malcolm Brogdon, Joker, Trae Young, Bradley Beal, CP3, Jrue Holiday, KAWHI, Kyle Lowry, Kyrie, Dame Lillard, Jamal Murray, James Harden, Kemba, Sergeant Russell Westbrook, and Scary Terry Rozier. That’s a list of the best fantasy basketball players, plus Rozier. Maybe he belongs? Is Rozier the best Good Player on a Bad Team??

Rozier is 25 years old. There’s still plenty of time for him to mature as a player, especially on a bad team like Charlotte. What if he improves even more this season? What if Playoff Terry was just a prelude, and Rozier can up his points nearer to 20 for an entire season?

Regardless, he’s looking good right now, at least fantasy-wise (not that he’s gotten any favorable press about it). He’s basically answered all the questions, hasn’t he, and done what he said he would do? Kudos to the man!