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Fantasy football buy or sell: Breshad Perriman now has serious fantasy value

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Determining which Week 14 storylines are for real and which are fake.

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I think we can all agree injuries suck. They especially suck when they happen to big name players in Week 14 just as you’re in the throws of the fantasy playoffs. You can imagine the terror seeing Mike Evans getting helped off the field caused fantasy owners Sunday.

While no one can truly replace Mike Evans in either the Buccaneers offense or your fantasy team, you have to give Breshad Perriman credit for trying. Perriman filled in for Evans rather admirably against the Colts, catching three bombs for 70 yards and a touchdown on five targets. With Evans out for the rest of the season, does Perriman suddenly find himself in must-add-and-start territory?

There are always big storylines to come out of each NFL week and I like looking at these narratives and figuring out—with you the people in the twittersphere’s help—just how much I believe them and how that should dictate my fantasy moves for the week. And with the fantasy playoffs running at full speed, these overreactions are even more important because they could mean the difference between a win and a soul-crushing, season ending loss.

Let’s buy and sell!

There are plenty of jokes that can be said about this Buccaneers passing attack with Jameis Winston flirting with becoming the first quarterback ever to throw 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in one season. But you can’t ignore the fact that this offense throws the ball a lot and scores a lot, leading to a lot of fantasy points. Look no further than Winston, despite throwing 23 interceptions, currently being the QB5 this year; and we know what Evans and Chris Godwin have done this season.

It would only make sense that Perriman stepping into a bigger role in this offense would mean a drastic increase in his fantasy production and I’m willing to listen to it. We actually saw Perriman have a decent fantasy performance first in Week 13 with a healthy receiving core, where he caught five balls on six targets for 87 yards against the Jaguars. With the Lions next on the schedule for Tampa (followed by the Texans then Falcons), I’m willing to climb aboard the ship and ride the H.M.S. Perriman for the rest of the year.

Verdict: Mentally preparing for Winston to throw away my “buy”

The Packers’ passing game can’t be trusted

The fantasy playoffs are an entirely different beast from the regular season. There’s no time to “wait it out”; either you get the results you want or you’re out. You can see that shift in perspective in the poll. Most of you aren’t willing to sit around and see if the Packers’ passing game can get on track, it’s simply just time to move on.

I get it. I barely scraped by this week thanks in large part to Davante Adams doing a whole bunch of nothing against Washington this weekend. I think the trick here is to adjust our expectations for the Packers offense and then build our lineups accordingly. Adams is the only real reliable receiver in Green Bay’s passing game and he’s been the WR20 in PPR leagues since Week 10. If you go into your lineup construction treating Adams as a WR2 or even a flex option rather than a WR1, that’s a more accurate representation of what he has been this season.

Still, with glory on the line, I don’t have much confidence in this offense to get the points I need.

Verdict: Buy

Julian Edelman is the only Patriots player worth starting

It seems I won’t need to convince many of you given how this poll played out. I just don’t know how you can sell this idea. Tell me there’s a player in New England’s offense you’d happily start during this fantasy playoffs. Even James White has somehow lost all fantasy value and become an afterthought in this offense. How does that happen Josh McDaniels? HOW!?

And beyond White, things just get even worse. Mohamed Sanu’s ankle clearly has been a problem and is preventing him from getting on the same page as Tom Brady; Jakobi Meyers can’t catch; Phillip Dorsett is great at drawing PI calls (or non PI calls depending on who’s reffing the game) but that’s about it; N’Keal Harry can’t even make it onto the field which I think is more damning of McDaniels than it is of Harry. #FreeN’KealHarry! And when was the last time Sony Michel ran for more than three yards a carry?

Long story short, bench every Patriots player you got not named Edelman. Even against the Bengals. Hell, it seems the Patriots don’t think they can beat the Bengals without a little help.

Verdict: Buy

Raheem Mostert is a must-start from here on out

I was curious to see how this poll would play out. I didn’t want to just say “Mostert will be a top 5 fantasy back” or “he’s a must-start” because that takes context a little out of it. I wanted to see, with other big time back names, just how good you think Mostert is and will be rest of the season.

It seems y’all aren’t as sold as I am on Mostert’s fantasy value. He’s easily better than Alvin Kamara, you can’t argue against that (which is a sentence I never thought I’d write). I’d also easily start Mostert over Saquon Barkley and Le’Veon Bell for the rest of the year.

The tricky ones for me are Leonard Fournette and Aaron Jones. That being said, since Week 10 Mostert has outscored both Fournette and Jones in non-PPR leagues (Fournette is above Mostert in PPR). At this point, I have more faith in Mostert than Jones, who has proven himself to be a very hot and cold back and in the fantasy playoffs, I don’t like that—especially with Jones facing off against the Bears this week. Meanwhile in Jacksonville... damn, I might still start Fournette over Mostert, but only slightly. It’s hard to bench a sure 23 touches per game.

Verdict: Selling on a technicality but you should be buying Mostert everywhere

The Bears passing game is BACK!

Sorry Bears fans, I tried. We’re riding the Mitch Trubisky carriage to the ball and just praying it doesn’t turn into a pumpkin before we get there. With your fantasy lives on the line, I’m not placing much faith in Mitch staying a carriage.

Verdict: Pumpkin