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Fantasy football buy or sell: Odell Beckham Jr belongs on your bench

Determining which crazy Week 9 storylines are for real and which are fake.

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It’s always crushing to see offseason hype come crashing down around you. I was super high on Devin Funchess this year only to see Andrew Luck retire spontaneously and then Funchess of course hit IR with a broken collarbone. But nothing compares to the Browns offense, which came into the year riding the hypetrain and honking the horn as loudly as it could go, only to have that train veer off the tracks, run through a library, smash a school, break a newly built orphanage and end up cracking a turtle’s shell. Basically, there’s no recovering from where we are at right now in Cleveland.

We saw the Browns offense stagnate yet again Sunday as they were unable to beat the Broncos. Most damning from this game: Odell Beckham Jr’s six targets in a game the Browns were constantly behind in and throwing their way back into. How does the best receiver on your football team on receive six targets in a must-win game and one that Baker Mayfield threw the ball 42 times. How sway?

It feels like each week this NFL season has had more than a few crazy storylines and stats to come out of it. I mean, we were left wishing the Browns offense looked a little more like the Dolphins offense this week. What is that!? Let’s determine together if these Week 9 reactions are worth buying or selling.

To the majority of you who votes “sell”, I am in awe of your optimism. Take the name away. Let’s pretend this is just your average joe receiver you added off waivers and let’s look at Beckham’s stats through those lenses.

First off, Odell is the WR28 in non-PPR and 26 in PPR leagues. Right off the bat, that makes him by definition a Flex play in two WR leagues. He’s gone over 100 yards receiving twice this season: in Week 2 and Week 6. He’s gone over 70 yards four times this season: those two 100 yard games and once in Week 1 and last week. In every other game, the other four for those keeping track at home, Odell has failed to reach 60 yards receiving and had two under 30 yard performances. Oh, and he’s caught one touchdown this year.

Could this Browns offense magically turn it around? Maybe. They do still play the Dolphins and Bengals twice this year. But I can’t in good conscience keep Odell in my starting lineup when the Mayfield and the Browns seem determined to not target him. I can’t get over last week in which HE SAW SIX TARGETS IN A GAME THE BROWNS WERE LOSING. Jarvis Landry saw 13. Nick Chubb saw five. Antonio freaking Callaway saw five. Show me something Browns before I trust again.

Verdict: BUY with a capital B U Y

The Dolphins offense is fantasy viable moving forward

Now since I ran this poll, this has taken a major hit. I was all excited for Preston Williams to build upon his two touchdown performance against the Jets but then he busted his knee and is now out for the season. Mark Walton, who I wasn’t really including in this idea but still a member of the offense, is suspended four games for violating the NFL’s substance policy. So now the question revolves around how much you trust DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki.

Clearly, most of you don’t, and I don’t blame you. The Dolphins are actively trying to lose games and that’s not really something you want on your fantasy team. However, can I interest you in a wide receiver who’s now going to see double digit targets per game and still gets to face off against the Eagles, Jets again, Giants and Bengals secondaries? Parker has been a better wide receiver in non-PPR leagues than Odell so far this season, let that sink in.

I’m not advocating Parker becoming a WR2 rest of the year, but I certainly think he’s worth rostering if you need help at the position. I’m claiming my part of the Dolphins offense for sure.

Verdict: Buy

Hunter Renfrow has serious fantasy value moving forward

After not doing a whole lot this year, Renfrow has broken out in a big way these past two weeks, catching 10 balls for 142 yards and two touchdowns. He’s getting more targets and has been making the most of them against matchups you can exploit. However, I’m with the majority here and scepticism is deserved.

Like I said, Renfrow has balled out against the Texans and Lions, both of whom have been far from stellar against the pass the last four weeks, giving up the second and fifth most yards to receivers respectively. He’ll likely put together a good outing against the Bengals in Week 11 given their defensive prowess, but then he faces a row of tough fantasy matchups for receivers: the Chiefs (allowing 7th fewest points to the position), Titans (10th), Jaguars (15th), Chargers (9th) and Broncos (2nd). He’s not a bad stream option in good matchups, but don’t expect him to carry this production into the fantasy playoffs.

Verdict: Sell

David Johnson owners should be selling

I am amazed at how close this is. If you have David Johnson on your fantasy roster, you should 100% be fielding offers for him. The last time Johnson have you a viable fantasy start was back in Week 6 and while he’s still a top 20 running back in both PPR and standard leagues, he’s not going to be stepping back into the star role he was in to start the season, Kenyan Drake’s Thursday night showing saw to that.

Drake is going to see touches in the Cardinals offense which will eat into Johnson’s workload. You can’t just ignore a back who put up over 100 yards on the ground against one of, if not the, best defense in the NFL. Especially not when you traded to get that player on your team. With injury risks still prevalent and a committee looming, I would see what I can get for Johnson now while you can sell on name value and what he’s done to this point.

Verdict: Buying you should be selling

Jacob Hollister is a fantasy starter rest of season

I just wanted to gauge people’s excitement about the Seahawks finding yet another tight end for them to throw the football to on the goal line. I agree with y’all, I don’t think Hollister is a legit starter rest of the season, but I’m not quite as sold as you seem to be. We know the tight end position in Seattle can be very lucrative for fantasy owners and Seattle’s schedule isn’t terrible moving forward as they still have to play the Cardinals, Vikings and Rams. I think he could be a good streaming option for those looking for tight end help, but ultimately I agree, he’s not a lock to be a top guy at the position from here on out.

Verdict: Selling, but could be buying, but ultimately selling, but maybe...