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Week 13 bold predictions: Amari Cooper bounces back in a BIG way

Pretending that last week didn’t happen

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Tennessee Titans will be a top 10 D/ST this week

Justification: They have created fumble turnovers in four of the last five games, they scored a touchdown in week 10 and they have had at least three sacks in three of their last four. They are averaging 8.5 points per week over their last four games. I think Indianapolis is on a slow decline.

Prediction 2: New England at Houston over/under is 44.5pts. Give me over at 50.5pts

Justification: At the start of November, right around the time the weather gets colder, the Patriots average per game drops in a serious fashion. Tom Brady goes from 250-300 yards in passing down to 200-202 yards in passing. Now he goes down to Houston where it’s nice and warm and watch him start slinging the ball around again. For full context while New England has just one game with over 50 points scored (Baltimore), Houston has five (New Orleans, Atlanta, Kansas City and Oakland).

Prediction 3: Patrick Mahomes throws a season high 2 interceptions vs. Oakland

Justification: I wanted to go in a different direction insinuating he lands outside the top 7 QBs but I think it’s more likely he piles up some serious yards and TDs but ALSO Interceptions. The Raiders defense now has eight interceptions which puts them in the middle of the pack for NFL teams, the difference is that five of those eight interceptions have occurred in the last four weeks (vs. Detroit, Chargers and Bengals).

Prediction 4: Nick Chubb does not land in the top 15 RBs this week

Justification: Pittsburgh has a chip on their shoulder, is at home and boasts the 6th strongest defense for opposing RBs. This is more about the Steelers mentality than Chubbs skill.

Prediction 5: Amari Cooper is a top 5 WR this week

Justification: Amari Cooper has had one game similar to what happened this past week vs. New England (0 Receptions, 0 yards). It was 12/13/2016 vs. Denver. He rebounded the next week vs. Green Bay to the tune of 120 yards and 2 TDs. I bet he’s reading quite a few headlines and getting absolutely amped to bounce back this week. (I’m not counting the 1 target and 0 receptions in 2017 vs. Kansas City, he was nursing a concussion and hurt sprained ankle during that game)

Recapping Week 12

Prediction 1: Jimmy Garoppolo is projected as a top 12 QB but he finishes outside the top 20

Recap: Jimmy had a great day against Green Bay.

Prediction 2: Hunter Renfrow has his first career 100 yard game

Recap: Hunter drew fewer targets than Jalen Richard, Darren Waller and Tyrell Williams. The Jets were all over Oaklands offense allowing just 3 points as Derek Carr went 15/27 with 127 total yards and 1 Interception.

Prediction 3: Ty Johnson (28% owned) is a top 15 RB this week

Recap: Bo Friggen Scarborough. That about sums up what happened to Ty Johnson this week. (Grade: D)

Prediction 4: Oakland Raiders D/ST (62% owned) is a top 5 this week

Recap: I did NOT expect the Jets to put up 34 points on the Raiders. For context, that’s more than Denver, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, the Chargers and the Bengals all put up on Oakland. Oakland did force a fumble to keep that turnover streak going but they only had 1 sack. (Grade: D)

Prediction 5: Cleveland at NYJ over/under is 44.5, give me the under at 39.5 points

Recap: Well this game capped off the terrible week as Cleveland ALONE had more than 39.5pts. This was far less of a defensive matchup and much more of a shootout. (Grade: D)

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 15
Grade B: 11
Grade C: 7
Grade D: 24