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Week 12 bold predictions: Ty Johnson is my prized pick

It’s not often I back a Lions RB.

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Jimmy Garoppolo is projected as a top 12 QB but he finishes outside the top 20

Justification: Looking at some of the teams who are more difficult against QBs (as Green Bay will be), Jimmy struggled against Seahawks (248 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), Rams (243 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT), and Steelers (277 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT). Meanwhile he has done very well against a weak Cardinals team (twice) and the Bengals. I’m expecting him to have under 250 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT giving him about 15 points.

Prediction 2: Hunter Renfrow has his first career 100 yard game

Justification: Renfrow is facing the Jets defense who have allowed John Brown, Odell Beckham Jr, Chris Conley and Darius Slayton 100 receiving yards, plus Golden Tate fell 5 yards short and scary Terry McLaurin SHOULD have had 100 yards if not for the penalty. That’s right I’m bitter over my pick last week, doubling down against Jets secondary.

Prediction 3: Ty Johnson (28% owned) is a top 15 RB this week

Justification: After concussion protocol two weeks ago he had a rough matchup against Dallas last week who excels against the run. Now he faces a very poor defensive line in Washington who has allowed three of the last four opponents to score a rushing touchdown not to mention 30+ yards receiving. Ty is in for a big break out week!

Prediction 4: Oakland Raiders D/ST (62% owned) is a top 5 this week

Justification: They have gone three consecutive weeks with an interception, two of those they have a fumble recovery and they have a TD in the one they didn’t have the fumble. They face the Jets who has allowed the 2nd most fantasy points to defenses.

Prediction 5: Cleveland at NYJ over/under is 44.5, give me the under at 39.5 points

Justification: Miami has scored over 20 points just once this season. Cleveland has scored over 23 points only twice in 10 games this season. Both are thriving on a more defensive centric approach at this point where Miami has allowed their opposition to score under 20 points in two of their last three games and Cleveland has allowed their opposition to score an average of 15 points over their last three games.

Recapping Week 11

Prediction 1: Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans over under is 50, give me 55.5

Recap: With just 7 points in the 4th quarter, this game was VERY close to surpassing 55.5 but alas it hit 51 points passing the over/under. (Grade: B)

Prediction 2: Mason Rudolph is a top 10 QB against the Browns this Thursday

Recap: Mason threw 221 yards, 1 touchdown and rushed for 15 yards. Mason ALSO threw just barely over 50% completion and 4 interceptions finishing 22nd among QBs (Grade: D)

Prediction 3: Leonard Fournette is not a top 15 RB this weekend vs. the Colts

Recap: He finished 21st with 23 rushing yards and 34 receiving yards. (Grade: A)

Prediction 4: Eddy Pineiro (2% owned) is a top 10 kicker this week vs. Rams

Recap: No, no, no, no, Eddy missed two kicks and made this pick look terrible (Grade: D)

Prediction 5: Terry McLaurin (68% owned) is a top seven WR this week vs. Jets

Recap: Terry finished 30th with 3 receptions for 69 yards. The WR was he had a massive win taken back due to a penalty. (Grade: C)

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 15
Grade B: 11
Grade C: 7
Grade D: 21