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Beat the Spread Week 11: All we needed was a week with seven upsets

I mean, three teams with 1 win this season all won.

NFL: NOV 10 Giants at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How to play:

Here is the way this game works. I will supply the Weeks matchups. With each matchup will be the line as of the last 24 hours. What you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Pick 3 teams who are NOT the favorites that you think will cover the spread
  • Step 2: Well…that’s it

What you are trying to do, is select the three teams most likely to beat the spread in the comments below. You will get the points POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE that each team earns vs. the Spread. Also, if you miss a week, 5 points will be deducted from your score, so once you start, you can’t quit!


Holy Schnikes it worked! We all went positive in a big way to a collective +54.5! Feslen, Pete and Sixtus all had the inside track on the Vikings and each was rewarded with +7. RK knew Russell would emerge victorious and he got +9. Mark picked the Dolphins for a +14.5 (my new lucky charm). I tripped into a Jets and Steelers win for a +32 on the week.

Beat the Spread Week 10

Week 10 Favorite Underdog Feslen RK 1101 Pete Mark Sixtus Heath
Week 10 Favorite Underdog Feslen RK 1101 Pete Mark Sixtus Heath
LAC -1 Los Angeles Chargers Oakland Raiders 3
CHI -2.5 Chicago Bears Detroit Lions -4.5 -4.5
BAL -10 Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals
CLE -2.5 Cleveland Browns Buffalo Bills -0.5 -0.5
NO -13 New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons
NYG -2.5 New York Giants New York Jets 9.5
TB -4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arizona Cardinals 1 1
IND -10.5 Indianapolis Colts Miami Dolphins 14.5
GB -5 Green Bay Packers Carolina Panthers -3
LAR -3.5 Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Steelers 8.5
DAL -3 Dallas Cowboys Minnesota Vikings 7 7 7
SF -6 San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks 9
Total Week 10 5.5 7 2 32.5 7.5 0


(among our active pickers, we are over 50% with + numbers!)

  1. Mark: 71.5 pts
  2. Pete 8.5pts
  3. Feslen: 6.5pt
  4. RK 1101: -13.5pts
  5. Sixtus -18.5pts
  6. Heath -50 pts

Beat the Spread Week 11

Week 11 Favorite Underdog
Week 11 Favorite Underdog
CLE -3 Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers
BUF -6 Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins
MIN -10.5 Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos
NO -5.5 New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WSH -1.5 Washington Redskins New York Jets
CAR -5.5 Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons
BAL -4 Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans
OAK -10.5 Oakland Raiders Cincinnati Bengals
NE -3.5 New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles
LAR -6.5 Los Angeles Rams Chicago Bears
KC -3.5 Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers
Total Week 11