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Week 11 bold predictions: Scary Terry McLaurin returns!

You need to put covers on your TPS reports, JETS!

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans over under is 50, give me 55.5

Justification: The Saints have scored over 30 points in 5 of their 9 games played. 1 of the 4 where they didn’t score at least 30 Drew Brees was hurt, another was to Dallas whose defense has given up the 5th fewest points to opposing QBs, Jacksonville and a fluke Atlanta round out the others. They face Tampa Bay who has allowed the 3rd most points to opposing QBs, earlier this season this game resulted in a 31-24 win. Finally New Orleans will come out hungry after the lackluster game against the Falcons last week.

Prediction 2: Mason Rudolph is a top 10 QB against the Browns this Thursday

Justification: Josh Allen was the first quarterback since Luke Falk in Week 2 not to throw for at least 2 TDs against this porous Cleveland secondary. Rudolph is going to take advantage of the matchup and give you a beyond solid performance.

Prediction 3: Leonard Fournette is not a top 15 RB this weekend vs. the Colts

Justification: The Colts have yet to allow any RB to rush for 100 yards and have only allowed 3 rushing TDs this season. They kept Phillip Lindsey, Carlos Hyde, Josh Jacobs and Davonte Freeman have all been held without a TD. This is doubly bad for Fournette who has one rushing TD this year.

Prediction 4: Eddy Pineiro (2% owned) is a top 10 kicker this week vs. Rams

Justification: The Rams have allowed the 8th most points to opposing kickers in their bend but don’t break defense. They don’t let many teams into the redone but six different teams combined for 8 field goals in the 20-40 yard line area. Additionally four different teams had multiple field goals and a PAT against them.

Prediction 5: Terry McLaurin (68% owned) is a top seven WR this week vs. Jets

Justification: The New York Jets have allowed 12 different WR to score a TD against them. Additionally they have allowed four different WR 100+ receiving yards. Furthermore, to test their coverage of the top threat, among the nine previous teams faced, the number one WR had a TD in six of those nine contests.

Recapping Week 9

Prediction 1: Marquise Brown is a top 15 WR this week against the Bengals

Recap: He finished as the 14th best WR with four receptions, 80 yards and 1 touchdown.

Prediction 2: The New York Jets are a top 5 D/ST this week

Recap: They were 7th with 2 fumble recoveries (one for a touchdown), six sacks and 27 points against. (Grade: B)

Prediction 3: Mitchell Trubisky throws for over 300 yards for the first time this season

Recap: Here is my take on it, you are free to disagree, he threw for only 173 yards. But if you started him he had 3 TDs and was a top 5 QB. (Grade: B)

Prediction 4: Buffalo at Cleveland over under is 40.5, give me under at 34.5

Recap: They scored 35 total points and just BARELY fell over my prediction. (Grade: B)

Prediction 5: For just the 2nd time in the last seven weeks Chris Carson does not get 100 yards or a touchdown

Recap: This was my horrible miss of the week. Chris ended up with 89 yards and a touchdown. He was a top seven RB on the week. (Grade: D)

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 14
Grade B: 10
Grade C: 6
Grade D: 19