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Week 9 bold predictions: Welcome back Nick Folk!

New England is on their third kicker

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Nick Folk, most recently of the AAF, will be a top 3 kicker this week

Justification: You will be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Nick Folk. Nick Folk is 51st on the all time NFL points list with 1,077. He played just 10 years and just about every player above him on that list played more than 10 years. His career FG% was 80.3% and while his most recent NFL season (2017) had a 54.5% FG (of which over 65% were over 40 yards kicks) I think he rebounds on New England where he’s going to have good locations on most kicks. Stephen Gostkowski has just one year where 50% + of his kicks were over 40 yards, more often than not, he’s kicking inside 35 yards.

Prediction 2: Lamar Jackson is projected as a top six QB this week, he will not finish in the top 20

Justification: He’s coming off a bye which gives advantage to Baltimore but Bill Belichick will adjust his scheme to combat Baltimore and Lamar is now coming off back to back games without a touchdown. I think Lamar ends up with most of his points rushing and probably turns the ball over 2 times in the battle against this Patriots defense. Here is who Lamar faced so far: the Dolphins (4th worst), Cardinals (2nd worst), Chiefs (12th worst), Bengals (8th worst), Steelers (21st worst), Browns (12th worst) and Seahawks (14th most). Lamar has faced one average defense and he scored just 16points (1TD and 3INT), this week he faces the best one in the league.

Prediction 3: Ricky Seals-Jones is a top 7 TE this week (projected 24th)

Justification: Ricky ended last week vs. New England with a goose egg. He also did that in week 5 against a strong San Francisco team only to have a 47 yard, 1 TD effort against Seattle the next week. Denver will be rushing hard on Baker and a quick dump off to a tight end looks like a tantalizing option for him this week.

Prediction 4: Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills over/under is 37. Give me the under at 31.5

Justification: Washington’s last five games they have scored under 10 points in four of them (the outlier is Miami). Buffalo has one of the top 3 defenses in the league. On the other side Buffalo has scored over 15 points in two of their last five games. The ONLY way this goes over is if Buffalo scores 30 points on a porous Washington D.

Prediction 5: Mark Walton (47% owned) is a top 10 RB this week

Justification: The Jets rush defense has allowed six RB’s to rush for a touchdown against them this year. Additionally they have allowed five RBs to get at least 40 receiving yards. Mark Walton last week had 11 rushing attempts for 35 yards and 3 receptions for 19 yards against a strong Pittsburgh defense. Every week they have allowed 10+ points to a RB in my PPR league.

Recapping Week 8

Prediction 1: Cody Parkey (0% owned) is a top 5 kicker this week

Recap: With two field goals over 40 yards and a handful of PATs, he was the 4th best kicker this weekend. He Always Rebounds After These Disasters. (Grade: A)

Prediction 2: Aaron Rodgers is not a top 15 QB this week against the Chiefs

Recap: Nope nope nope, hard nope. 305 yards, 3 touchdowns, Aaron put me in my place on this prediction as he ended as a top 5 QB, my apologies if you benched him. (Grade: D)

Prediction 3: Odell Beckham Jr has more WR points against the Patriots than any WR has this season

Recap: Reaaaal bad. 5 receptions for 52 yards, no touchdowns, not much really to be mentioned except a missed catch for an additional 15 yards. (Grade: D)

Prediction 4: David Montgomery rushes for 100 yards for the first time in his NFL career

Recap: If this wasn’t my biggest win of the week, I don’t know what was. David had 138 yards and a touchdown, I sincerely hope you started him and he paid out handsomely. (Grade: A)

Prediction 5: San Francisco vs. Carolina over under is 41.5. Give me over at 48.5

Results: Thank you San Francisco for not letting up on this game. They covered the spread by themselves.

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 13
Grade B: 6
Grade C: 5
Grade D: 15