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Week 5 Bold Predictions: Patriots win by a thousand points

I’m done with Washington

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Jameis Winston is projected as a top 10 QB but he finishes outside the top 25

Justification: Fresh off a 385 yard, 4 TD game, he is projected as the ninth best QB this week against a New Orleans team that has allowed the 3rd most points to opposing QBs. Jameis does one thing well and that’s produce the opposite of what you are expecting. Add to that, New Orleans defense has played much better at home than on the road, I think the defense holds strong against the Bucs.

Prediction 2: Curtis Samuel has 100 receiving yards for the first time in his career and a TD and lands as a top 15 WR this week

Justification: I’m not going to pretend to know what is going on with Jalen Ramsey but I feel IF HE PLAYS he will be watching DJ Moore and thus Curtis Samuel will become the primary target this week against the Jaguars. Either way Jacksonville is amidst chaos and I’m expecting the Panthers to pounce on this Sunday.

Prediction 3: Nick Chubb finishes outside the top 25

Justification: After a great week against Baltimore, Nick finds himself against San Francisco who has allowed the fewest points to RB. DeForest Buckner, Dee Ford and Nick Bosa will not be an easy front to rush against with a combined five sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss. I think Cleveland ends up airing the ball out more in this matchup and Nick Chubb finishes with 60 yards and no touchdown.

Prediction 4: New England is currently -16 against Washington. Give me New England -30

Justification: New England has won their first four games by an AVERAGE of 23.75pts. They are facing a Washington defense who might be the worst in the league. I think Tom Brady might through for a million yards on Sunday. I wanted to give Washington a modicum of potential but they have proved with a 19 point loss to the Giants, a 16 points loss to the Bears, a 10 point loss to Dallas that the first week 5 points loss to the Eagles was a one game anomaly.

Prediction 5: Sam Ficken has three times as many FG as he’s hit all year

Justification: Ok so that’s three total. Either way he’s had one 40+ yard field goal and 2PAT. They face Philadelphia who have allowed the 5th most points to opposing kickers – Dustin Hopkins had two FG, Matt Bryant had a 50 yard field goal, Matt Prater had two field goals as did Mason Crosby. The Eagles hold strong within the defensive half.

Recapping Week 4

Prediction 1: Josh Allen is projected as the 16th best QB this week against the amazing Patriots defense, he finishes as a top 7 QB

Recap: When I pictured the outcome of this game in my head, it was about as close as the game turned out but with much more offense. (Grade: D)

Prediction 2: Miles Sanders will be a top 10 RB this week against the Packers

Recap: Philadelphia had a top 10 RB against the Packers but his name was not Miles Sanders. (Grade: D)

Prediction 3: Julio Jones is projected as a top six WR this week but he finishes outside the top 25

Recap: He finished as the 37th best WR with four receptions for 52 yards. (Grade: A)

Prediction 4: Tampa Bay D/ST (9% owned) will be a top ten D/ST against the Rams this week

Recap: This was my biggest hit of the week with Tampa Bay’s defense having two sacks, three interceptions and a fumble recovery run back for a touchdown. Sure they allowed 40 points against but the turnovers should have more than offset it for you (Grade: A)

Prediction 5: The Chargers are at -15.5 against the Dolphins this weekend at Miami, give me Miami +6.5 in this game

Results: Josh Lambo (and Jacksonville) surprised many with a big win over Tennessee. He hit two FG over 40 yards and finally added some much needed PAT and was a top seven kicker on the week. (Grade B)

2019 YTD Grades:

Grade A: 7
Grade B: 3
Grade C: 2
Grade D: 7