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Is it crazy to trade Lamar Jackson?

Plus, Jared Goff or Josh Allen this week?

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: I play in standard league that starts 1QB. I have Lamar Jackson with Gardner Minshew sitting on my bench. Its it crazy for me to offer Lamar to the guy in our league who just lost Patrick Mahomes for as big of a haul as possible?
— Johnny B.

On the surface: no, you’re not crazy. Minshew has more than proven himself to be a reliable fantasy quarterback and the Jaguars have the fifth easiest schedule for quarterbacks moving forward, with games against the Bengals, Texans, Colts, Buccaneers, and Falcons.

Now I say on the surface because giving up a potential fantasy MVP means you better be getting some huge players in return. And I’m not talking about high upside guys or players with big names who’ve gotten off to slow starts you’re buying low on. I’m talking about getting yourself a Chris Godwin, Michael Thomas, Dalvin Cook, or Nick Chubb plus maybe a buy-low guy like Odell Beckham Jr or Le’Veon Bell in return. You’re giving up possibly the best player in fantasy this year, you better be getting a massive haul in return.

Q: Goff or Josh Allen? .5 ppr
— @NPG601

Jared Goff vs the Falcons vs Josh Allen vs the Dolphins. Man. Tough choice to make. At the very least you can take solace in the fact that there is no wrong pick here. If I had to pick—which I understand I do otherwise what good am I—I’m going with Allen simply because his ability to add 40+ rushing yards and maybe a touchdown put him over Goff. But again, both these defenses are giving up just about the exact same points to quarterbacks this season so you really can’t go wrong either way.

Q: For a full PPR flex spot, would you roll with TJ Hockenson, Mike Williams, Michael Gallup, Robby Anderson, or Devin Singletary?
— @a_a_ron_att

There are a few good options there but the clear and obvious choice is Gallup. I have him as one of my top 5 plays this week and it wouldn’t shock me if he finished a WR1 this week. We all know the Eagles secondary is hemorrhaging fantasy points to wide receivers and with Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb banged up, Gallup is in line for a huge workload. I also like Devin Singletary this week as he’s finally back from injury and looked great in the first two games of the season.

Q: Have injuries made this the hardest or most fun fantasy season over the past few years? Feels like it’s both!
— @PaddiCooper

It certainly has been tough. My wide receiver core has been struggling thanks to Davante Adams missing multiple games and Odell Beckham Jr playing like hot trash this year (and I’m still holding onto A.J. Green for his return). Personally, I’m a big fan of the team building part of fantasy football so all these injuries I’d say are making the season more fun because you’re constantly having to attack the waiver wire and find the right guy to play on the right day. But I can see if that’s not your favorite part of fantasy, if you’d rather just set your lineup and be done with it, then this season probably is terrible and you’re really not enjoying yourself. That being said, if you’re a set it and forget it type, maybe fantasy sports isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse.

Q: 5 shows/movies you secretly don’t like that everyone else likes
— Will G.

There are probably more, but here the first five that came to me (in no particular order):

  • Big Bang Theory — never can understand why people find it funny
  • A Star is Born — Bradley Cooper was great but other than that it was nothing stellar
  • The Walking Dead — no idea why this show has a whole universe built around it
  • Handmaid’s Tale — the first season was good but past that, they keep hinting at a revolution but nothing ever happens. START THE DAMN REVOLUTION ALREADY!
  • The Wolf of Wall Street/The Revenant — Leo does drugs and Leo fights a bear. Cool.

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