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4 quarterbacks to “replace” Patrick Mahomes in fantasy football

You can’t actually replace Pat Mahomes, but you need to try...

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Injuries suck far more for the actual player that got injured then for your fantasy team. Let’s just get that out of the way. A player getting injured is not an opportunity to bemoan your fantasy fate or tweet at the player asking why their body is so frail or, if you’re facing said player, celebrate his demise because now you don’t have to play him. Just a kind reminder these are humans who have to deal with these injures in real life.

Patrick Mahomes, the most recent victim of the Madden Curse, went down Thursday night with an apparent knee injury and was ruled out for the rest of the game. It seems he dislocated his knee cap (gross) and will at a minimum be out three weeks. Terrible for him, terrible for the Chiefs, terrible for the sport of football, and yes, terrible for your fantasy team.

While there’s no quarterback on the waiver wire who’ll perfectly replace Patrick Mahomes, there are likely a few names out there who can get you solid, consistent fantasy performances. You may hate to roster them, but they’ll at least help. (Percent owned in Yahoo leagues.)

Josh Allen - 74% owned

Next 3 games: MIA, PHI, WAS

If Josh Allen is available in your league, I can say with 100% confidence he’s your guy and you need to get him now. That ownership percent is about to skyrocket after he takes on the Dolphins. Allen not only gets you passing yards and touchdowns, but he’s also averaging eight carries, 31 yards and almost a touchdown on the ground per game. That rushing floor is huge for his fantasy numbers. Let’s not forget that Allen was a fantasy monster through the last six weeks of 2018, averaging two total touchdowns per game.

Jacoby Brissett - 46% owned

Next 3 games: HOU, DEN, @PIT

Brissett has been more than solid in his replacement of Andrew Luck, throwing for 10 touchdowns so far and averaging 16.8 fantasy points per game. Things will only get better for him as the continues to gain confidence and gets back his number one guy T.Y. Hilton. Always helpful to have an All Pro receiver to catch balls from you. Even if Mahomes is out for more than three weeks, things look good for Brissett as he plays the Dolphins and Jaguars in Weeks 10 and 11.

Gardner Minshew II - 51% owned

Next 3 games: @CIN, NYJ, HOU

Much like Josh Allen, get Minshew now because he might not be readily available next week. While last week’s game against the Saints deadened Minshew Mania a little bit, don’t let it distract you from the fact that until that game, the lowest fantasy output Minshew had was 16.12 points. Against a hapless Bengals defense and the fifth easiest schedule for quarterbacks moving forward, Minshew is bound to get back on track, get the moustache flowing again, and the fantasy points rolling. Plus, who wouldn’t want Minshew on your fantasy team? I’ve been having him as my starting quarterback since Week 3 and been loving every second of it.

Andy Dalton - 24% owned

Next 3 games: JAX, @LAR, Bye

Before you close this page in disgust that I would dare suggest adding Andy Dalton to your fantasy team, just let me tell you that he’s the QB12 in fantasy right now. That’s right. He has scored more points than Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff and Baker Mayfield. And you know why? Because the Bengals suck and Dalton needs to throw the ball every which way just to pretend like they’re still in the game. Dalton is third in the NFL in attempts (243) just three behind Goff in second place. He may not be the sexiest name to have as your starting quarterback but he’s available and will throw the ball a TON.

Bonus: Jameis Winston - 74% owned

Next 3 games: Bye, @TEN, @SEA

Honestly, if Winston wasn’t on a bye this week, he’d be at the top of this list. It may feel dirty to have him on your fantasy team, what with the fact that he’s almost thrown as many interceptions as he has touchdowns, but he has thrown a lot of touchdowns. Only Mahomes, Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson have more. We all know the Bruce Arians offense can get hot and put up points with the best of them and you should be surprised if they start doing that with regularity moving forward. Winston will be facing the easiest schedule for quarterbacks for the rest of the season, meaning that even if Mahomes is out the entire season, Winston can carry your fantasy team from here on out.