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5 players you can safely drop in fantasy football

You can drop these players to make room for all the awesome guys you’re gonna add off waivers.

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We’re a quarter of the way through the fantasy season and it’s at this point that I always like to step back and take a wholistic view of my fantasy team and see who has and hasn’t been working for me. It’s easy to get wrapped up in players waiting for them to breakout or to reveal themselves to be the fantasy darling we thought they could be, often to find that really they’ve just been a waste of a roster space. Now is the time to purge your team of such players.

With plenty of waiver options out there, and a handful of players coming back from suspension—GO ADD GOLDEN TATE WHEREVER HE’S AVAILABLE—it’s time to move on from old flings to make room for the new guys. It’s hard to rip that band aid off or to muster the courage to pull out that loose tooth, but that’s what I’m here for: to help rip that tooth out of your head.

Here are five players who you can safely drop if they are on your fantasy team.

O.J. Howard

Much has been written and said about Howard’s start to the season and it seems the general conclusion that the Buccaneers don’t know what to do with him and are wasting his talents is correct. Through four games he has only 10 catches for 131 yards and no touchdowns. He’s tied with Breshad Perriman in total targets on the Buccaneers (12) which is never a great sign when you’re getting just as many looks as a wide receiver who’s yet to really do anything in the league. Howard is currently the TE30 in non-PPR leagues and TE27 in PPR leagues; a far cry from the TE4 or 5 spot you likely drafted him as. I don’t know if he’ll get you any return in a trade but you’re more than welcome to try. Sadly you’re probably going to just have to outright drop him, admit defeat, and move on.

Adrian Peterson

When Derrius Guice hit the IR this summer, it seemed all the stars had aligned yet again for another Adrian Peterson season in which we all wonder just how a man 34-years-old can still put up RB1 numbers week in and week out. After all, Peterson was just coming off a season as the RB16 in fantasy, racking up 10,42 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground. Unfortunately, Washington has been terrible this year and so has Peterson. Through three games Peterson is only mustering 2,7 yards per carry and getting 11 carries a game. I’m not holding out hope that suddenly Jay Gruden is going to turn this offense around, especially when they face the Patriots in Week 5. Chris Thompson is really the only back worth owning in Washington and even then that’s questionable.

Danny Amendola

I was hyping up Amendola after Week 1 against the Cardinals when he was targeted 13 times and caught seven for 104 yards and a touchdown. I guess the Cardinals defense is really just that terrible because since then Amendola has seen six targets and caught four for 37 yards. He’s also dealing with a chest injury that held him out of Sunday’s game against the Chiefs. I thought Amendola was going to be one of Matthew Stafford’s go-to receivers, perfectly operating in the space underneath opened up by Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones streaking deep. That has not happened and it’s not going to happen it seems. There are plenty of receivers on the waiver wire more worthy of being rostered than Amendola right now.

Jared Cook

This one is crushing to write. I hope I look back on this in another four weeks and realize how dead wrong I was, but I just don’t see how things magically get better. After finishing last year as the TE5 playing with Derek Carr, everyone was rightfully ecstatic to see Cook sign with Drew Brees and the Saints. Thoughts of Jimmy Graham swam in our heads as we all drafted Cook thinking him a lock for another top 5 performance this season. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I wish I could say this is just because Brees is out, but it’s not. Cook has yet to flash anything with the Saints and is currently TE35 in non-PPR and TE33 in PPR leagues. I’m starting to think that if your name isn’t Alvin Kamara or Michael Thomas, there really isn’t fantasy value for you in New Orleans.

Justin Jackson

This shouldn’t be a surprise pick since the only reason you added Jackson in the first place was because Melvin Gordon was gone. Now Gordon is back and Jackson instantly loses all fantasy value he had. Plus, he was sidelined with a calf injury for Week 4 so he’s possibly out a couple of games. Regardless, he’s not worth rostering any longer. It’s back to Gordon and Austin Ekeler in the Chargers’ backfield.