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The Ding Dong Challenge: And our champion is...

(I know we’re a day late but Monday’s are crazy now with football)

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Welcome to the Ding Dong Challenge, a game were we try and correctly predict who will hit the most home runs in a given week, keep score throughout the entire season, and win a free, awesome t-shirt.

Well, here we are, the end of the Ding Dong Challenge. For 27 weeks we’ve been tracking dingers and homers, moonshots and yards, dongs and bombs, all leading up to one person winning the greatest t-shirt any human can own.

Without further ado, it’s time for the final standings:

2019 Final Standings

Name Total Elite Everyone Else 1 Everyone Else 2 Total Dongs
Name Total Elite Everyone Else 1 Everyone Else 2 Total Dongs
GratefulMatt 3 George Springer (1) Vladimir Guerrero (0) Bryce Harper (2) 140
Pete Rogers 6 Pete Alonso (3) Matt Chapman (2) Miguel Sano (1) 137
Heath Capps 4 Pete Alonso (3) Ronald Acuna (0) Francisco Lindor (1) 131
Punk is Dead 5 Pete Alonso (3) Willie Calhoun (1) Miguel Sano (1) 122
Feslenraster 4 Pete Alonso (3) Willie Calhoun (1) Yordan Alvarez (0) 119
Mark Abell -- -- -- 112
Calvin C 3 Alex Bregmen (2) Nicholas Castellanos (0) Randal Grichuk (1) 110
Ezra Laemmle -- -- -- 105
Salti Cracker -- -- -- 46
Ghoji Blackburn -- -- -- 20
Dark Passenger -- -- -- 2

Congrats to GratefulMatt for bringing home the championship this year! I thought I could have had him but I just didn’t put forward enough points in order to claim the victory. It was a hard fought battle and the right man won. Well done sir!

Thank you everyone for playing! It was a ton of fun this year and that’s all thanks to you guys for being the ones to make this happen. Hope to see you all for next year’s battle for the t-shirt.