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Second Basemen To Target in 2019

My advice at second base? Read here to find out!

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Let's just jump into it!

Daniel Murphy

My Rank: 4
Expert Consensus Rank: 6

Daniel Murphy in Colorado might hit .350 and I wouldn't blink an eye. Murphy battled injuries last season and saw a bit of a power decline. Let's not forget, he slashed .334/.387/.569 between 2016 and 2017. Those seasons he averaged 24 home runs, 98 RBIs, and 91 runs scored. He is now headed to the most hitter-friendly environment in baseball. One that is tailor-made for his style of high contact, high line drive rate, and all field tendencies. The injuries are the risk. If he's healthy, he's a lock for an amazing season.

Travis Shaw

My Rank: 5
Expert Consensus Rank: 8

Travis Shaw has second base eligibility heading into 2019 which only helps boost his fantasy value. In a "down" season in 2018, Shaw still managed a career-high 32 home runs. If he can get the counting stats and batting average back to his 2017 marks—which I see no reason to doubt—he would be competing for the best second baseman in all of fantasy.

Jonathan Schoop

My Rank: 15
Expert Consensus Rank: 15

I don't love Schoop but I have a feeling he is going to fall much farther in drafts than he should. Schoop had a bad season in 2018, one which got even worse following a trade to Milwaukee. He starts 2019 fresh with the Twins, an offense that could surprise in 2019. Even factoring in 2018, Schoop has a three-year average of 26 home runs, 83 RBIs, 78 runs, and a .267 batting average. You can work with that as the 15th second baseman going off the board in drafts.

Asdrubal Cabrera

My Rank: 23
Expert Consensus Rank: 31

A .272 average since 2015. Cabrera averages 19 home runs, 64 RBIs, and 66 runs over that stretch. As solid as solid gets. Plus, he gets a hitter-friendly ballpark after signing with the Rangers during the offseason.

Adam Frazier

My Rank: 31
Expert Consensus Rank: 30

Frazier is super-cheap in drafts and offers a decent floor. He had a bit more power in 2018 while keeping his ratios almost identical. Low upside/low downside but he's the 30th second baseman going in drafts. He shouldn't hurt you.