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Fantasy Football team names: Popular culture

The season starts soon! Are you satisfied with your fantasy football team name? If not, we got your back.

Crown Royal Packs Bags For Troops At The Rolling Stone Party Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Crown Royal

The votes have been tallied and we’re on to the next fantasy football team name category!

In case you missed the last one, we did Brad Pitt-themed fantasy team and a Stick to Sports-themed list because why not. We had the readers vote in a poll afterwards and also on Twitter (follow @faketeams).

As we talked about in the previous articles, fantasy football is goofy and fun so why not do goofy and fun things with your league? Fantasy football is a game about a game. And if you’re reading about fantasy football team names then that’s some “Inception”-level dedication.

We’re in the snow fortress now.

Pop Culture fantasy team names! Let’s get to the list.

  • This is Kamarica
  • Jay AjaYeezus
  • A Gurley has no name
  • Post Mahomes
  • In My Thielen’s Challenge
  • KeKe Coutee, do you love me?
  • Nice for Watson
  • Dab on them Throws
  • Big Dak Energy
  • Wentzworld
  • Mission Impossible: Ballout
  • La La Landry
  • To All the Players I’ve Loved Before
  • Ready Player Hunt
  • Fantastic Beast Mode
  • Beauty and the Beast Mode