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The Ding Dong Challenge: We’ve crowned our champion

Thank you everyone who played this year!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it! Through 23 weeks of baseball we’ve tracked dingers, dongers, and going yarders to forever prove who among us is the best at sitting on their coach and predicting which professional athlete will hit the most balls the farthest. A true challenge of physical dominance.

So, without further ado, drum roll please, let’s find out if anyone put together a record setting week to bring down Mark...

Week 23 report card

Name Week 23 Total Elite Everyone Else 1 Everyone Else 2 Total Ding Dongs
Name Week 23 Total Elite Everyone Else 1 Everyone Else 2 Total Ding Dongs
Sixtus74 6 Mike Trout (4) Freddie Freeman (2) Juan Soto (0) 81
Pete Rogers 4 Khris Davis (2) CJ Cron (1) Yasiel Puig (1) 71
Feslenraster 3 Bryce Harper (0) Marcell Ozuna (0) Adalberto Mondesí (3) 73
Salti Cracker 2 Giancarlo Stanton (1) Ronald Acuna Jr (0) Marcell Ozuna (1) 68
Mark Abell 1 Gregory Polanco (0) Brandon Nimmo (0) CJ Cron (1) 90
Heath Capps 0 -- -- -- 28
The Real Slim Shaney 0 -- -- -- 59
Brian Creagh 0 -- -- -- 9
Wallstreet1975 0 -- -- -- 7

Welp, despite putting up the lowest score this week, Mark managed to still win this season of the Ding Dong Challenge. Well done sir! Your prize: this amazing shirt.

Shoutout to Sixtus though who really put his best foot forward this week, coming only 9 dongs shy of Mark.

Huge thanks to everyone who played this year, it was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to bring the challenge back next year. Until then, enjoy the last week of baseball before the postseason is upon us!