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Beat the Spread Challenge: Week 3

Second iteration of the game

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Here is the way this game works. I will supply the Sunday and Monday matchups. With each matchup will be the line as of the last 24 hours. What you need to do is:

Step 1. Pick 3 teams who are NOT the favorites that you think will cover the spread
Step 2. Well…that’s it.

What you are trying to do, is select the three teams most likely to beat the spread. You will get the points POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE that each team earns vs. the Spread. Have I lost you yet? See the example below

Example: If the San Francisco 49ers are facing the Denver Broncos and the line is:
Denver -8. You would pick the 49ers since they are NOT the favorite.
Outcome 1). Let’s say the 49ers lose the game by 3 points, you would earn 5 points since they beat the spread by 5 points.
Outcome 2). Let’s say the 49ers win by 1 point, you would earn 9 points since they beat the spread by 9 points.
Outcome 3). Let’s say the 49ers lose the game by 10 points, you would lose 2 points since they lost to the spread by 2 points.

The cumulative point total of your three selections would be your weekly score.

Ok so one week in and this went in all directions. It deviated way more than I thought it would just one week in. Feslen didn’t fully understand the game and as such he ended up at -20.5. I’ll ignore this week for him so technically he’s back to 0. Major kudos to Paddi on his Colts pick which yielded the most points of any picked game – 18 points! Additional Kudos to Pete and Salti who saw the Le’Veon writing on the wall and went against the Steelers netting them 10 points each. The Ravens burned four of us (or should I say AJ Green). As I mentioned last week, going forward we are ignoring the Thursday game (four of us getting burned by Baltimore is all the more reason) and as such this will come out EVERY FRIDAY.

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 Beat the Spread

Week 2 Favorite Underdog Outcome Feslen Pete Mark Salti Paddi Sixtus
Week 2 Favorite Underdog Outcome Feslen Pete Mark Salti Paddi Sixtus
Cin -1 Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens -10 -10 -10 -10 -10
NO -9 New Orleans Saints Cleveland Browns 6 6 6 6
NE -2 New England Patriots Jacksonville Jaguars 13 13
Atl -5.5 Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers -1.5
LAC -7.5 Los Angeles Chargers Buffalo Bills -3.5
GB -1 Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings 1 1
NYJ -3 New York Jets Miami Dolphins 11 11
Pit -5 Pittsburgh Steelers Kansas City Chiefs 10 10 10
Phi -3 Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Bucaneers 9
Wash -6 Washington Redskins Indianapolis Colts 18 18
LAR -12.5 Los Angeles Rams Arizona Cardinals -21.5 -21.5
SF -5.5 San Francisco 49ers Detroit Lions 2.5
Den -5.5 Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders 4.5
Dal -3 Dallas Cowboys New York Giants -4 -4 -4
Chi -3.5 Chicago Bears Seattle Seahawks -3.5 -3.5 -3.5
Total Week 2 -20.5 12 -7.5 2.5 21 -3

Week 3 Games

Week 3 Beat the Spread

Week 2 Favorite Underdog
Week 2 Favorite Underdog
NE -7 New England Patriots Detroit Lions
Atl -3 Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
KC -6.5 Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers
MIA -3 Miami Dolphins Oakland Raiders
Min -16.5 Minnesota Vikings Buffalo Bills
PHI -6 Philadelphia Eagles Indianapolis Colts
GB -3 Green Bay Packers Washington Redskins
CAR -3 Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals
BALT -5.5 Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos
HOU -6 Houston Texans New York Giants
LAR -7 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers
CHI -5.5 Chicago Bears Arizona Cardinals
SEA -1.5 Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys
PIT -1.5 Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Bucaneers

To drop some knowledge, here is your Old Time Idiom:
Bob’s Your Uncle: Usually used to conclude a set of instructions, much like the French ‘et voilà!’.
Example: Pick three teams who are not the favorites this week and Bob’s your uncle.