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Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag: Start Carlos Hyde or Matt Breida?

Plus, the ethical ramifications of taking advantage of rookie fantasy players in trades.

Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome to another week of Fake Teams fantasy football mailbag. If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag (it comes out every Thursday, just in time for football), here are the ways to join:

  • tweet @petemrogers or @Faketeams using #FTFFmailbag
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  • leave your question in the comments!

Onto the mailbag:

Q: Carlos Hyde or Matt Breida?
— @Ambrose3rob

I’m taking Breida. The Chiefs’ defense hasn’t been able to stop anyone so far this season and I think this game is going to quickly become a shootout. If that’s the case, I’m trusting Breida to not only get a lot of work on the ground, but also in the passing game.

Q: In a 0.5 PPR Superflex League, who do I start this week at QB, RB1, RB2, & Superflex our of: K Cousins, C Wentz, T Gurley, CMC, and J Conner? Thanks!
— @AndeTheEngineer

QB: Kirk Cousins hands down. The Vikings are coming off a tie—which I can assure you they’re all pissed about—and are playing the Bills, the worst team in the NFL. Cousins going to get a billion points.

RB1: Todd Gurley. Easy choice there.

RB2: James Conner. Conner has been a focal point of the Steelers’ offense so far this season and is facing a Bucs defense that has allowed five total touchdowns and an average of 36.6 fantasy points to opposing backs. I like that matchup.

Superflex: Carson Wentz. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either Wentz or Christian McCaffrey BUT the Eagles are facing a bad Colts’ secondary and if Wentz looks anything like he did last year, he’s primed for a big game.

Q: I want Geronimo Allen on my team(great name in part) but is he better than Kenny Golladay-whose got the starting job on a shitty team?
— @Feslenraster

I think I’d pass on Geronimo Allen, I’ve looked in every league I’m in and he doesn’t exist which isn’t a great sign for his fantasy value.

But if the question is around Geronimo Allison, well, now we have a quandry. Personally, I think both have very similar fantasy value though Golladay seems to be in line for more targets as he’s quickly becoming the clear cut number two receiver in Detroit (sorry Marvin Jones).

Q: What are the ethical ramifications of taking advantage of rookie fantasy players in trades?
— @andrew_schuba

I thought long and hard about this question and came to the following conclusion:

If the rookie fantasy player is a rookie to football, meaning they have little to no knowledge of the sport and players of the NFL, then taking advantage of them in a trade is the moral equivalent to dressing your one-year-old up as an adorable pumpkin, taking them trick-or-treating, utilizing their cuteness to rake in the candy, then upon arriving home, trading a head of raw broccoli to your child for all of the candy they collected. However, if the rookie fantasy player is just a rookie to fantasy football but has prior knowledge to the NFL and it’s players, then all bets are off. Take full advantage of them.

Hope this helps!

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