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Week 3 bold predictions: Touchdown time for Patriots’ running backs

Plus, the Cardinals final get their offense going.

New England Patriots v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Week 2 has me just as confused as I was after week 1. Are really the Dolphins good? Is Ryan Fitzpatrick a top 5 QB? Could Antonio Brown really get traded (no)? Is the season essentially over for the Giants, Cardinals, Browns, Cardinals, Seahawks, Lions or Raiders? How amazing is the Rams defense?

Also since today is one of the best holidays of the year (International Talk Like a Pirate Day)

Overhaul th’ sails, parlay terms of surrender an’ sink me if m’ picks be right. Weigh anchor and’ hail wind to th’ horizon yo ho!

Prediction 1

New England rushes for two more TDs this week then in weeks 1 and 2 combined.

Justification: So 2 total TDs. I THINK it’s going to be Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel but it’s up in the air. While Detroit is focusing on Tom Brady and maybe Josh Gordon, they will attack on ground where Detroit is the 2nd worst defensively (allowing 2 TDs to Isaiah Crowell in week 1 and 1 TD to Matt Breida in week 2).

Prediction 2

The AFC North doubles their collective conference win total this weekend.

Justification: Issue 1 – three of the teams in this division will win, I just don’t know which three. Will it be the Browns, Ravens and Bengals or the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens or the Steelers Browns and Ravens, I have no idea but three of them will win. Issue 2, this really doesn’t help you much for any fantasy, pick’em or betting purposes, but I feel confident it will happen. The reason this is bold, the Browns are the Browns, the Steelers are in massive array, the Bengals are not favored and the Ravens face off against the Broncos defense.

Prediction 3

Arizona Cardinals score twice as many TDs as they scored in weeks 1 and 2 combined.

Justification: To be fair, that’s two total TDs. Yup, in case you had not seen, the Cardinals have scored 6 total points through the first two weeks, behind a David Johnson touchdown in week 1 vs. the Redskins. The Bears allowed 3 TDs to the Packers and 2 TDs to the Seahawks. Sam Bradford is due for at least one in this game and David Johnson will rush for one of his own. Arizona is not as bad as we saw in weeks 1 and 2.

Prediction 4

Patrick Mahomes throws 2 or fewer TDs this week.

Justification: Off back to back challenging matchups, the Chiefs limited Kirk Cousins to 2 TDs and Matthew Stafford to 2 TDs They did NOT allow a 40 yard TD to either (Stafford led the league in 40 yard TDs and Kirk was 9th). Given Patrick’s propensity for really airing it out, I think this team shuts down the long ball, it will ultimately come down to the dink and dunk passes to Kelce. I think the 49ers come in with a big defensive effort against Patrick on Sunday. Patrick is also bound for a down week, I say down as 2 TDs, I think this is the week it happens.

Prediction 5

Current over/under is 53 points in Atlanta vs. New Orleans. I take the UNDER at 49.5.

Justification: So everything in my system was SCREAMING OVER OVER OVER on this matchup. Two electric offenses have to yield an amazing presentation of offense right? Plus Drew is rebounding from a rough week vs. the Browns. On the road last year, New Orleans averaged 26 points of offense, Atlanta had 23. Both times they met up they totaled less than 40 points each time. In fact they only had 9 total games where they scored more than 53 points last year among 30 total matchups.


Which prediction is most likely not going to happen?

This poll is closed

  • 25%
    NE 2 Rushing TDs
    (21 votes)
  • 12%
    AFC North with 3 wins
    (10 votes)
  • 16%
    Cardinals score 2 TDs
    (13 votes)
  • 37%
    Patrick Mahomes 2 or fewer TDs
    (30 votes)
  • 8%
    Atl vs. NO under 49.5
    (7 votes)
81 votes total Vote Now

Week 2 Recap (bad week for me)

Prediction 1: Houston Texans are a top 2 defense this week.

Outcome: I sincerely thought on a Tennessee team playing co-QB that this would be an epic failure. Instead the Titans pulled off a crazy win with Blaine Gabbert playing ok, 117 yards, 1 TD and no Interceptions. The Texans defense allowed 20 points, had 1 sack, no interceptions and no fumble recoveries. Grade (D)

Prediction 2: Davonta Freeman is a top five RB this week.

Outcome: Hopefully news came down early enough of his injury such that no one started him. All news articles I read when I published this early last week indicated he was rebounding strong and ready to go for Sunday. Grade (D)

Prediction 3: Jimmy Garoppolo throws for the most TDs in his NFL career.

Outcome: He threw for 2 TDs which tied his career high while throwing for 206 yards. They rushed the ball more than I thought they would – 28 carries and 190 total yards including 1 TD. Jimmy paid off for what you would expect but in a weekend which boasted Mahomes throwing 6 TDs and a number of QBs with 400+ yards I’m not sure if he gave you a win. Grade (B )

Prediction 4: Jamison Crowder is a top 12 WR this week vs. Indianapolis Colts.

Outcome: This one upset me because he only had 2 receptions behind Chris Thompson, Paul Richardson, Jordan Reed, Josh Doctson and Adrian Peterson. The passing was there it just became clear that he was not an integral part of their game plan. Grade (D)

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Prediction 5: Current line has Denver -1 vs. Oakland Raiders. I will take Denver -7 vs. Oakland Raiders.

Outcome: On the plus side, Denver won and met the line, on the bad side, they had to rally back from a 12 point deficit to do so. Grade (D)

2018 Total Report card

A – 1

B – 2

C – 2

D – 4

Here is how I will be grading my Bold picks this year

A – The bold pick happened as I stated

B – The bold pick did NOT happened as stated but the idea behind it was there (example I predicted Jesse James would have 0 TDs and fewer than 20 yards in week 2, he had 27 yards, the general idea to avoid him in fantasy was present.

C – The bold pick did NOT happen and the overall feel for what occurred had you saying “meh”

D – The bold pick was nowhere near accurate