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Fantasy Football team names: Brad Pitt themed

Do you love Brad Pitt? Are you just curious what in the world is going on with this article? Do you know the 8 rules of Fight Club?

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in Moneyball

Let’s face it. Sometimes fantasy football—or fantasy sports, in general—is just plain goofy.

It is. Some people don’t understand why we put so much effort into something or why we choose to make this our hobby. Some of us love the competition and some of us love the money (when we win, of course). We’ve been playing this game for years now and it’s mainstream now that the internet has given us an easy way to express our passions.

I love fantasy football, and if you’re reading this, my guess is you do too. So let’s have some fun with it.

I play in several leagues and I have one team name that I’ve just kept for years (a team name I’m not sure I can print here), but for every other league—I like to mix it up.

So this season, I’ve started to compile a list of possible fantasy football names from different categories. And the categories are goofy, like fantasy itself. So vote for the next category that you’d like to see at the end of the article. Also, if you have other suggestions, leave them in the comments!

Before then, we’re going with Brad Pitt movies as fantasy teams.

Does Brad Pitt have any obvious ties to football? Not at all. This category came up in a group chat with some friends (shout out to Quinn and Roger) and we just ran with it. So instead of the boring, very obvious fantasy football names, try these random ones and stand out in your league.

So.. What’s on the list?! WHAT’S ON THE LIST?!

Brad Pitt Fantasy Team Names

  • Legends of the Fall
  • The Big 3rd and Short
  • Burn After Recieving
  • Inglorious Beckhams
  • A Philip Rivers Runs Through It
  • Lt. Audible Raine
  • The Curious Case of Kelvin Benjamin Button
  • Interview with the Umpire
  • Hopkin’s 11
  • World War Zeke
  • Project Mayhem

A tidy sum of personal stuff really does over shadow how great a film career Brad Pitt has had. Troy, Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, Moneyball! We got Leo an Oscar and I’m going to start campaigning for Pitt’s.

The categories for team name’s are going to stay odd, folks. Let’s get some more suggestions and have some fun with it.


What random fantasy football team name category should be next?

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