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Three futures bets to consider locking in

Sports gambling is legal, so it’s time to embrace the sportsbook! Check out some preseason wagers to consider before flexing on some over/unders.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Sports gambling is league folks! That’s right, it’s time for America to fully embrace what some of us have been doing for years and years. Whether that’s using an online sportsbook, going to Vegas, or fantasy buy-in, gambling is just part of the sports world it’s great that it will finally be embraced.

With that being said, this year, Fake Teams will be looking at some spreads, props and juicy parlays that you can sink your teeth into. We’ll get to over/under wins at a different time, but for now, I want to check out some wagers that have really good odds this time of year.

Using for odds and placing wagers.

Regular Season MVP

Favorite: Aaron Rodgers +400; Best Odds: David Johnson +4000

As you might have heard on an episode of the RB1 podcast, I’m always in on David Johnson. So this might be a little skewed. But a non-QB hasn’t won MVP since Adrian Peterson in 2012. Even last year, you felt that Tom Brady only won by default. Part Carson Wentz getting injured, part casting doubt on the running backs. David Johnson is an elite player, though. He’s coming off an injury that cost him the majority of 2017 and before that he had 2118 yards from scrimmage and 20 total touchdowns in his first year as a starter.

A small $10 bet can net you $400 if you wager now. Low risk, super high reward.

First Head Coach to get fired

Favorite: Hue Jackson +300; Best Odds: Dirk Koetter +450

Hue Jackson looks like he’s fighting for his job in Cleveland already and the first episode of Hard Knocks hasn’t even cooled off yet. John Dorsey came in to run the team and didn’t have a choice on whether or not he wanted to keep Jackson. He was locked in. Jackson is 1-31 during his Cleveland career (9-39 over total head coaching career).

The seat is especially hot for Dirk Koetter, though. He was promoted in Tampa Bay because of his connection with Jameis Winston, but so far, the dividends haven’t been paying off. The Bucs put together a 9-7 record in Koetter’s first season, but dipped to 5-11 the following year. They’ll be missing Winston for the first three games of the season and it’s not out of the realm of possibility to already be in an 0-3 hole.

A 10-spot here wins $45, or $100 to win $450.

Defensive Player of the Year

Favorite: Joey Bosa +550; Best Odds: Jalen Ramsey +1300

Joey Bosa is already having issues with a foot injury, but it’s not expected to keep him out long. However, that could effect his early season output and I hate foot and ankle injuries on pass rushers.

Ramsey on the other hand has great odds. It’ll need to be his own campaigning that helps him capture the attention of voters, because the sexy interception stats won’t be there. Quarterbacks will not be targeting Ramsey a lot this season, and rightfully so. He’ll have to draw attention to QB Comp. percentage in his direction and defensive DVOA. He allowed under four receptions per game last year, per Player Profiler, only allowed five touchdowns, and had a target separation average of .84. That means if Ramsey was covering you, he was basically in your hip pocket all day.

The payout is nice. A simple $10 wager now can grab you $130 by season’s end if he takes this prize home.