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Manny Machado is a Dodger

But will Joe Gentile’s Machado prediction come true? Will we all be starting Sam Gaviglio against Baltimore on Friday? Where else can you find answers to these hard-hitting questions?

MLB: All Star Game Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

While you were sleeping, Manny Machado became a Dodger.

Or, while I was driving west, to be more specific. The family and I covered 590 miles on Day 2. Pretty solid turf to burn with a pair of five-year-olds in tow. I sure hope Colorado is prettier than Kansas. Yikes.

Anyway, Machado is now a Dodger. The LA faithful have to be even more faithful after this year. First LABron, and now a few weeks of Machado? Ballin’ out of control, LA.

On the haul the Orioles received, here’s a “ringing endorsement” from Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports:

This is a five-for-one deal. The idea I’ve seen most floated around is that the Orioles did well in this trade. So why does it feel like they just got hosed? Someone enlighten me.

For Machado owners in fantasy baseball, I think it’s a push. Machado leaves a prime home park and crummy team for a prime team and crummy park. Although, Joe’s Machado prediction probably takes a slight hit ROS. I think Machado will not make Joe look like a genius.

Does this open up more at-bats for Jace Peterson in Baltimore? I know you are all on the edge of your proverbial seats. But really, he could be a DFS punt if he leads off. Yikes.

Truly, this doesn’t change much for me. In real life, the Dodgers 1⁄2 game lead on the Diamondbacks in the NL West seems destined to grow. Kudos to them for making a move.

On’s tough for me to give kudos. Perhaps Yusniel Diaz will reach his high ceiling. Perhaps some of these prospects will continue to defy the odds (that’s my take from this lot). One thing is for sure, though...

It’s time to target the Orioles in MLB DFS like never before. I’ll see you on Friday, Sam Gaviglio. Seriously...he’s $5,500!