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Video: The best fantasy running backs for 2018

SB Nation’s Brett Kollmann ranks his top running backs for fantasy football.

Brett Kollmann, who writes at SB Nation’s Houston Texans site (Battle Red Blog), also does fantastic work on his YouTube channel breaking down NFL film. In his most recent video, Brett gives his fantasy football running back rankings.

I can’t complain about any of the backs he has ranked as a round one guy, though I did just write an entire article about why I don’t think Alvin Kamara is a first round back buuuuuuuuut I know I am very much in the minority there.

I’m surprised how high he has Jerick McKinnon. I don’t think most people would consider him a second round guy but in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, he could certainly produce some big time numbers. Also some one explain to me why everyone is lukewarm on Kareem Hunt this year.

What do you think of Brett’s rankings? Do you agree? Who do you think he’s underrating? Leave your thoughts in the comments.