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Fake Teams’ real serious fantasy football mock draft

We all did a fantasy football mock and here’s how the teams turned out.

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Remember way back in June when we tweeted out a lot about our #FakeTeamsMock where the football staff did a 17 round mock draft?

Well, we finally finished and now we get to share our final results! HUZZAH!!

Final Mock

I know this is hard to see but never fear! Each of the writers wrote a blurb about their picks and with that you’ll be able to see the teams more clearly and the thought behind each pick, starting with Heath’s team: Khal Capps.

1.01 Khal Capps - Heath

  1. (Gurley) duh
  2. I didn’t love many players at this juncture. I would have taken Davante Adams. Alas, I figured I’d go “floor” with Baldwin, who I do actually love if needing to make a safe play.
  3. I figured I could add some risk/upside in Dalvin since running back rapidly turns into a minefield and I have a safe floor in Gurley and Baldwin. It was either something like this or a tight end, and I like too many middle and late-round tight ends to take the plunge this early.
  4. Now recovered from nagging hip injuries and with a major upgrade at QB from the gruesome carousel of Siemian, Osweiler, and Lynch, expect Thomas to reach the 90-catch, 1,000-yard, and 6-TD thresholds in 2018.
  5. I wanted a RB at this 4/5 juncture, but I didn’t love anyone. I took JuJu for his upside. We’ll see what awaits with running back depth later on in the draft.
  6. No one gets excited for Lamar Miller, but I feel comfortable with him given his opportunity and pass-catching ability.
  7. Kyle Rudolph is an underrated presence at tight end. He was first in RZ targets and overall targets among tight ends in 2016, and fifth in RZ targets and 11th in overall targets in 2017. He won’t blow anyone away, but he’s steady. He also has three straight seasons of 16 games played, so he’s shedding the injury-prone label.
  8. I felt like Brees was the last of the elite grouping, so it was nice to get in at the end of a run. The next signal-caller wasn’t taken until Round 12.
  9. This was a case of taking the guy with the most talent in the crowded Green Bay backfield. He’s reportedly a little bigger and stronger entering Year 2. I say his talent wins out.
  10. I’ve been routinely taking Carlos Hyde in the fifth and sixth rounds of my best ball drafts. Like I said, running back dries up early. This late, he’s a no-brainer.
  11. If we did this draft again I think Williams would probably go earlier. As is, it’s nice to get two parts of this backfield and plug in the hot hand.
  12. Somebody has to catch the ball in Dallas. Hurns is a little underrated heading into this year, as he’s the guy with the best track record in that offense. As a WR4, he’s a fine dart throw.
  13. Kenny Stills is a popular best ball (and redraft) target for good reason. He’s in a murky but not overly impressive wide receiving corps. When the dust settles it wouldn’t surprise me if his numbers are better than DeVante Parker, Danny Amendola, and Albert Wilson.
  14. Rivers in the 14th? This is the first moment I’ve regretted taking Brees. I’ll be so late on QBs this year...
  15. I still think Cleveland is a run-first team, and there are a lot of weapons in that receiving group. But tight end is such a cesspool that Njoku will find his way to TE2 relevance.
  16. Yay I took a defense.
  17. Yay I took a kicker.

1.02 Tears of a Clowney - Paddi

  1. The number one player on my board for 2018. Zeke’s quality start percentage (greater than 12.5 points) is the best the NFL has ever seen.
  2. Showed in 2017 he can be dominant with Rodgers throwing him the ball. With Rodgers back and Nelson gone, I predict Adams will lead the league in touchdown receptions.
  3. Good value at the spot. Shady is ALL of Buffalo’s offense going into the season and I’m banking on the volume translating into tons of fantasy points.
  4. Jeffrey spent his whole 2017 season playing with a shoulder injury. If he’s fully fit in 2018 then his stock could be set to rocket.
  5. Wilson was the top QB in fantasy in 2017 and taking him in the 5th is in line with his current ADP.
  6. I loved a bit of Alex Collins last year and he’s the standout back in Baltimore at the current time. An RB1 in round 6? Yes please.
  7. Goodwin was money catching passes from Jimmy G down the stretch last year, averaging 9 PPG in the final 6 weeks. A full offseason working together should only strengthen that relationship.
  8. CJ Anderson slots into Jonathan Stewart’s early down role in Carolina. The ceiling isn’t that high but then I’m not expecting my RB1 in round 8.
  9. Robby Anderson was one of the surprises of 2017, finishing as a top-15 receiver. I’m willing to take a punt on Anderson (and his off the field concerns) as a nice flex option most weeks.
  10. Shepard is a solid option as a WR3 or flex option. He’s not likely to put up the same numbers as last year with OBJ back, but is a nice option at this spot.
  11. It was time for a tight end and Doyle is a solid option at this point for 70 catches and 4 touchdowns.
  12. I was all in on Lockett last year, but his slight frame appears to make him injury prone. I’ll swing for the fences again and hope its the breakout year I was waiting for in 2017.
  13. Gio had a solid season last year and should continue to get some decent volume in a low key Bengals offense.
  14. Totally new situation for Richardson in Washington, but I love the upside, especially if Alex Smith continues to throw the deep ball like he did in KC last year.
  15. Best available backup and realistically, if Wilson is healthy, Dak is getting just the one start in my lineup.
  16. I needed a defense and Baltimore continue to be a solid option year in, year out.
  17. I wouldn’t normally draft a kicker and prefer to stream, but Lutz was nails in the playoffs last year so is a solid choice.

1.03 Commander and Cheese - Pete

  1. Get ready for MVP David Johnson. He’s coming off a year which he didn’t play BUT NOT BECAUSE HE HURT HIS LEGS!
  2. Yes I’m relying on Dalton to not suck this year but people forget just how good AJ Green is. Behind a better offensive line, Dalton might be adequate this year.
  3. Mike Evans going to lead the NFL in touchdowns. Watch it happen.
  4. No matter what Dion Lewis lover Clark says, the Titans are now Derrick Henry’s team and he’s going to put up numbers in a full starter role.
  5. Got a loooooot of shit for this pick on the slack but hey, I love me some Sony Michel and I think the Patriots have a plan for him that’ll net him a top 15 RB in fantasy.
  6. Chronically underrated, Walker is a get tight end to get at the backend of the 6th round. Please and thank you.
  7. I’ve talked up Royce Freeman on the RB1 podcast before. He has no other competition in Denver so let’s see what he can do.
  8. I very quickly established a trend with my wide receivers of taking guys who could either be AMAZING or kinda bad. Sammy Watkins falls right in line with that.
  9. Despite Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb battling it out in Cleveland, Duke is going to get his touches and he might even get more than last year. Who knows!
  10. Again, high risk, high reward receiver.
  11. Ditto. Please Parker, do something this year.
  12. Waited patently for my quarterback and got me a guy who consistently puts up top 10 numbers. Love it.
  13. Who knows about the Lions’ backfield but the Patriots have long been able to take advantage of pass catching backs, maybe Matt Patricia will bring some of that to Detroit.
  14. “The best receiver the Panthers have had since they had Steve Smith” — Steve Smith
  15. Doctson has shown hints of his big play ability, hopefully with Alex Smith at the helm, we can see everything he has.
  16. Needed a defense.
  17. WHY NOT????

1.04 Sammy Clemens - Clark

  1. The current leader of the free world has shown us, sometimes, you can just fall backwards in to unimaginable success regardless of your talents and abilities. That’s what we have going on here at 1.04 with Le’Veon Bell falling to me. I’d like to thank the universe for the blessing it’s bestowed on me.
  2. My lust for RBs outstripped by deep affection for AJ Green here. I feel like Devonta Freeman was the last workhorse back on the board, and there are still plenty of great receivers out there.
  3. G’DAMNIT PETE! So, I went with Freeman last round because I was so confident I could get a potential #1 WR in round 3. But, I’ve been sniped, and Mike Evans, as it turns out, was a bridge too far. Fortunately, I get the best Tight End to ever play the game as a consolation prize. Looks like its #Team0WR time.
  4. It isn’t the sexiest pick in the world, but Fitzgerald has been an exceptionally consistent reciever even in the twilight of his career. I’m confident enough in both Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen to do enough to support a WR-2 floor for Fitz. This is where you start to see the pain with taking a TE or QB early. We’ll have to get good contributions from a cast of spot-start players or hit on an out-of-nowhere stud to win a championship.
  5. So by taking Gronk (or just any Tight End or Quarterback) early, you’re going to have to really squint hard to be happy with the guy who’ll be your 2nd WR / RB. When I put myself in that position, I like to pick a high-variance (high upside, hopefully) guy like Josh Gordon. The reason he’s available here is because there are lots of questions surrounding him in Cleveland. Can Gordon make it through a full season without getting suspended? Will Tyrod be able to support a couple of top tier receivers? Will one of those receivers be Gordon? Is Jarvis Landry going to get too much of the passing game for someone else to eat too? By going with Gordon here, you’re betting on the raw talent we all saw a few years ago. There are just not a lot of dudes on the planet that can run so fast, jump so high, and catch-ball-so-good. Crossing my fingers and hoping with this one.
  6. Derrius Guice went later in the draft than I thought he would, but here we have an excellent talent ending up up in a great situation. Washington gets great production out of their backs, and Guice should slide right in to the lions share of the RB touches. Some may be concerned with Chris Thompson eating in to Guice’s workload - I’m not. Thompson is a talented back who does great work in the passing game and has trouble staying healthy. I feel there will be plenty ‘leftover’ for Guice.
  7. Derrick Henry (selected by Pete in round 4) is the next Tevin Coleman. We’ve seen the big plays, we’ve convinced ourselves that if so-and-so back just got out of the way then we’d have a surefire top-5 back on our hands. The problem is, Derrick Henry is just not that great at playing running back. Henry is fast, and he’s big, but he cuts like a butter knife. Dion Lewis, on the other hand, does it all. New offensive coordinator Mett LaFleur cut his teeth under Kyle Shanahan before getting his first offensive coordinator gig under the LA Rams’ Sean McVay. This means zone schemes and throwing to the running back - things we haven’t seen Henry do very well in his first few years in the league. Dion Lewis will be the lead back here, and Lewis will be a league-winner again this year.
  8. I’m currently the Treasurer of the Marvin Jones Fan Club and Cigar Emporium. I plan on running for Club President next year. In Detroit, Jones is paired with a Quaterback in Matthew Stafford who has no problems chucking it deep several times a game. With Jones’ leaping ability and excellent hands, we saw last year what a productive coupling that could be. We may not see 9 more TDs out of Jones, but I think 1000 yards is a fairly safe floor the 28 year old receiver.
  9. I’m betting on Case Keenum resurrecting both Sanders’ numbers and the Broncos offense in general. This is a pick with a good bit of upside that I’ll be able to get away from if it turns out the Broncos woes are more than mediocre QB play.
  10. It’s way too early to pick a defense, but I’ve managed to justify this pick by saying ‘in a 10-team league, everyone has an all-star team so you have to differentiate yourself where you can’. Do you buy it? COME AT ME TWITTER!
  11. I wanted to pick up ole Rex here because the size of the pie (to steal a line from Sigmund Bloom) is so big in New England. It will be hard to guess which weeks will be the good ones, but I’ve won a lot of money picking Pats RBs late in drafts (thanks Blount and Lewis!)
  12. George Kittle is swing-for-the-fences pick. The Shanahan offense likes to feature a receiving Tight End, and we saw Kittle come on late last year with Garoppolo under center. Even in the best-case scenario (assuming everyone stays healthy) I’ll never start Kittle over Gronk. But, this might end up as a nice piece of a trade later or serve as a little insurance for GronkSmash.
  13. Roethlisberger opens against the Browns, and the Steelers offense is pretty prolific. I waited on QB as long as I thought I could, and I get a solid floor QB in Ben.
  14. My swing-for-the-fences QB is Marcus Mariota. Coaching and coordinator changes can have a huge impact on an offense’s production, and new OC Matt LaFleur is getting his first shot to call the plays after being groomed by Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay. I’m betting that ‘we’ were right all along about Mariota being good at football, and his litany of stone-age-play-caller coaches is what was holding him back. As a general guideline, I don’t tend to take 2 QBs in a 10-team league. But, I think if Mariota pops early I’d rather have him on my bench than compete to pick him up off waivers.
  15. I’m telling myself the story that Cam returns to the glorious form we saw in Chicago, and this time he’s doing it with a competent QB and play-caller. He fell this far because of legit concerns about his recovery from his knee injury and worry that Brees spreading the ball around so well might result in a lack-luster year for receivers not named Michael Thomas. But, it’s late, so, you take your shots on the high-upside guy in a great offense.
  16. I expect the Niners will score a lot, so... Robbie Gould! Also, for the ‘you should never pick a kicker until the last round’ crowd, I’m not going to argue with you. I’ve gotten in to the habit of taking my kicker in the 2nd-to-last round because of a few keeper leagues where I’ve hit on my last round pick.
  17. Hines is someone you need to make sure you walk out of your draft with. His range of outcomes swing from kick returner who ends up with 30 touches for the year all the way to a Christian McCaffrey-like year. This is the type of pick that could change your fantasy destiny (a-la Kareem Hunt / Alvin Kamara). Odds are against it, but with the Colts backfield up for grabs, take the chance here.

1.05 Spaceball One - Matt

  1. I love Kamara in PPR this season. The Saints back should finish among the league leaders in receptions following a breakout rookie campaign. Would have gone Antonio Brown here but was worried I wouldn’t get a sure RB1 in Round 2.
  2. Easy choice to take Kennan Allen as the highest ceiling WR on the board. Considered Devante Adams(love him this season) and AJ Green (lousy QB), but I think a healthy Allen is due for a monster season.
  3. Not what I wanted to do here, but every RB I would felt comfortable as an RB2 has been taken to this point, so instead of taking my planned pick of Adam Theilen I decided to take a gamble on a breakout from Jerick McKinnon in his new Bay Area home. Shanahan is a king maker for RB’s and plans to get McKinnon heavily involved in the passing game.
  4. Had to do it. The “reports” are good on Andrew Luck. (insert sarcastic skeptical look here), so I took a chance on a guy who could be top 5 at the WR position if Luck makes his long awaited return.
  5. DeShaun Watson, I am a believer. Are there reasons to doubt? Sure. However, The positives far outweigh the negatives for me and I am happy to take him everywhere I can (although I would hope to get him a bit later than this). I like him more than Brady and Wilson in 2018.
  6. If Olsen can stay healthy (big if) he has a good chance to be a top-3 TE of Cam Newton keeps his head out his.......
  7. Ronald Jones has drawn comparisons to Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara. Yes please. At the very least he should be the primary back in a talented Tampa Bay offense. The ADP vs upside makes him a prime target this season in later rounds.
  8. Robert Woods was silently of of the more valuable WR down the stretch last season. He should be in for a solid 2018 campaign with Goff having another year of experience and confidence under his belt.
  9. Nick Chubb is competing with Carlos Hyde AND Duke Johnson in CLE. However, cream rises to the top and Chibb could take the reigns and run away with the job (pun intended). Either that or we are in for another 2017 Joe Mixon scenario.
  10. Aaron Jones is the best RB in Green Bay, but will miss the first two games with a suspension. Ty should see plenty of opportunities to catch the ball out of the backfield which makes him interesting in PPR as a flyer.
  11. If you draft McKinnon, you sure as hell better draft Matt Breida.
  12. One of my favorite sleeper QBs. He has the talent to be a top-8 QB and has receiving corps (Cooper/Jordy) with all the motivation in the world to prove that they are still elite

1.06 Sons of Liberty - Jonathan

  1. With all the RBs coming fast, it was time to move tot he pass catchers. I ended up with the most dependable WR rather than a back end RB1.
  2. McCaffrey gives me a pass catching RB to help in a PPR format. Low end for the RB1 mode, but respectable.
  3. Jordan Howard was just the least risky pick here. Mixon has some sharing to do, Theilen is going into a season with a new OC and new QB. Tyreek Hill has a young gunslinger with a single start. Mitigating risk here.
  4. I hate everything about this pick. Best available were RBs and I am not drafting bench at this point. T.Y. Hilton was too risky, I feel Allen is the most securely top receiver for his team. Bears have been giving away WR talent and finally went to get one. Trubisky still worries me. Draft gods did me no favors here. Fitzgerald was a close second, but new QB and new coaching staff.
  5. QBs are starting to move and getting Tom Brady guarantees one of the top three on the board. The drop off starts after him in my estimation and he was not going to be available a round later.
  6. Jimmy Graham will be back in a pass first offense and should get a good number of looks. Before Rodgers went down, the Packers were great in the red zone. Well worth the wait.
  7. Crabtree gets a new team and will have to work with Flacco, but he is still a legitimate talent and should get looks. As my third WR, I am not going to have to live and die with him.
  8. Devin Funchess is the top WR in Carolina. He is a bit too up and down to get into anything other than a flex, but a flex with target upset.
  9. I was a bit surprised Will Fuller lasted this long. He has a connection with Watson and great speed. Defenses will be shifting to cover Hopkins. Fewer receptions hurts, but he should still get yards and TDs.
  10. Tevin Coleman lasting this long was surprising to me. We are fully into the group of timeshare RBs and Tevin Coleman has had a great deal of value among those players, especially in PPR.
  11. Okay, maybe early for DST, but I am only looking at backups and players for when the injuries start happening. Rather than take a lottery ticket here I went with a top flight defense. I like having starters set.
  12. At the point of this pick, there were three teams who had not drafted a starting QB. I do not always draft a backup QB, but we have the roster space on this draft. Partly, this hurts those three teams, but Ryan is a sneaky pick with the addition of Calvin Ridley.
  13. Round 13 is a great time to take on risk. This is a lottery ticket. Foreman tore an Achilles last year, but could see an increased role in the offense. Hard to tell without seeing it first. If not, I suffer very little this late in the draft.
  14. Again, injury risk guy as a backup. Eifert could be great, but there is always the possible injury looming with him. Deep draft and worth it in the 14th round.

1.07 WashRinseRepeatChamp - Ghoji

  1. My target here was Kamara in a PPR. Once he was selected at 5, AB84 became my target. Brown was taken at 6, so my consolation prize was the 2017 leading rusher.
  2. This is just a selection of taking the best player on the board. With the loss to Hunter Henry his volume may increase in the passing game - always a plus in a PPR.
  3. Blah. Not who I wanted here, but he led me to a championship last season. It’s too early to take a QB, so I might as well lock up a top 2 TE with so much depth at WR.
  4. Rather than reach for players here I am going to try to dominate the TE market by taking two of the top 3. I can start both and if one goes down I still don’t need to stream TD dependent players. By filling my flex spot with a TE I am also not filling my starting lineup with a watered down RB or WR on a weekly basis.
  5. It’s time to grab a WR here. In a PPR league there aren’t many better than Golden Tate. Any touchdowns he can score will be just bonus points on top of his 90 catch 1,000 yard season.
  6. My hope here was that the situation in Cleveland would drop Jarvis Landry to pair with Golden Tate. This didn’t happen, so I went with best player on the board in Jay Ajayi. Sure he had a down year last year. He was also off the board in the 2nd round last season. The potential is there. I will take him as my RB3 on a Philly team that will have the lead a ton.
  7. I was hoping Crabtree would fall one more slot to me. He isn’t fantastic and he drops a ton of passes, but he gets targets. This didn’t happen, so I went with upside in Corey Davis. I’m hoping he can make that second year jump and show that his game in the playoff loss to New England wasn’t a fluke.
  8. I’m a big fan of Tarik Cohen. The Bears know he isn’t a RB that they can run between the tackles 20 times a game, but they also know they need to get the ball in his hands. They will throw him the ball all over the field. Matt Nagy will use him similar to how he utilized Tyreek Hill in KC in 2016.
  9. Oh hey! JBarn sniped me again. I was looking at Will Fuller here. When he is on the field he is clearly a beast. I settled for Jordy Nelson. No this isn’t the same ‘end of the 1st round’ Jordy Nelson, but it’s still a guy who should get some looks. I worry a bit if he plays in the slot because he can’t separate from defenders. However, he is a red zone threat and he is one of the best at finding an open spot when a play breaks down.
  10. It’s Round 10. What do you want from me? He can make plays and he has the #1 QB throwing him the ball. It’s all about depth here, not filling a lineup.
  11. The players on the board all have question marks here. I will take the guy that is the top WR on his team. I don’t know who will throw him the ball, but someone will.
  12. This is a round that separates the weak from the strong. Do you succumb and take a back end QB1 and watch 12 more players get scooped up before you pick again? OR do you go with a high upside pick and take a chance on hitting it big? I’m not playing it safe in fantasy football. Give me Ridley and lets get the Atlanta offense back on track.Selecting my first QB in round 13.
  13. Not crazy high on Goff, but he has weapons around him and an offensive mind at coach for a second year. He was a fantasy QB1 last year and it is fair to say he can be a bottom tier QB1 again.
  14. Grabbing Mahomes in the 14th is fantastic. I have a guy with huge upside and it gives me protection on my Goff selection. I can play matchups between the two or just ride the hot hand. It definitely paid to wait on selecting QBs and not buying in when other teams starting taking them off the board.
  15. Round 15 and getting a lead back in a committee? Sign me up even if he’s TD dependent. He obviously has a nose for the end zone.
  16. Best Kicker in the league. I will grab him in the second to last round rather than settle for a defense here and settle for a kicker in the last round.
  17. Just one of the better defenses available here. I will eventually stream matchups.

1.08 Pizza For Breakfast - Brian/Matt’s 2nd team

Sadly no captions here but you can see this team looks pretty good.

  1. Fournette and Mixon back to back is a good young RB group you hope take a big step forward.
  2. Wentz in the 7th is a nice snag. People forget that before he tore his ACL, Wentz was hands down MVP of the league. He should return to top fantasy football status rather quickly.
  3. Love me some Chris Hogan (obvi)
  4. Really like getting Kirk Cousins late, Cousins can put up stats with the best of them
  5. Howard has a chance to breakout into the fantasy world in a big way this season.
  6. Is Frankie gonna do anything in Miami?

1.09 Hooked on NOT Thielen - Paddi’s 2nd team

  1. My best player available at the spot. I’m anticipating a bounce back year from OBJ after the injury setback in 2017.
  2. This guy just gets better and better and I expect 2018 to be the year Thomas becomes an elite fantasy receiver.
  3. Hoping for a better season from Cooper. Not that I totally believe Gruden that he will be the centerpiece of his offense but he’s the guy Derek Carr knows best.
  4. A big time threat, Hill will go much earlier than this in standard drafts but his big play ability with a guy with Mahomes’ arm are the stuff of dreams.
  5. Doubled down on deep threats but I had to round out my receivers with the best player left on my board. A true deep threat in Sean McVay’s offense, Cooks could be a round 5 steal.
  6. I have Evan Engram as a top-5 tight end for 2018, despite the return of OBJ and the drafting of Barkley.
  7. I’ve been burnt by Cam before but after a 2017 season where he was back to doing what he does best and running the ball, I’ll take Cam’s floor as a runner and hope he has an improved passing year under Norv Turner.
  8. My first running back and I’m hoping for one more season of Beast Mode as Gruden goes back in time with his offense. Lynch finished 2017 strongly and was the best option at this spot.
  9. This pick should have been Tevin Coleman.
  10. I have no idea if this rookie is any good, but I’ll take a gamble on him boosting the Lions’ run game.
  11. With Blount now in Detroit, Clement should hopefully see more volume behind Jay Ajayi. We’ve seen his ability to catch passes and i think as we get closer to the season, his ADP is going to rise.
  12. I love all three levels of this defense and think they’ll be a sound fantasy defense in 2018.
  13. This could be the steal of the draft if Luck comes back to his best form. Only Aaron Rodgers has been more consistently productive since 2013 than Andrew Luck and I’ll take a gamble on his upside. Plus I already have Cam so I’m good if Luck takes a while to get started.
  14. Murray is a better player than people think and as a big back, could easily take the goal line work in Minnesota. Plus there’s always the chance Dalvin Cook doesn’t come back to his pre-injury form.
  15. I loved the little we saw of Chris Carson last year and word out of minicamp is very encouraging. 15th round depth with potential starter talent. Yes please.
  16. Christian Kirk goes into one of the best situations for a rookie receiver as he should get plenty of snaps this season. If there’s good chemistry between him and Josh Rosen, this could be a rookie combo to get excited about.
  17. Prater is nails when the game is on the line. Plus he wears a diamond stud so he’s like really cool, right?

1.10 The Walk On - Mark

  1. Julio should be safe...right?
  2. Taking a rookie this early: in the words of Armageddon “it’s like 98% excited 2% scared or maybe 98% scared 2% excited. That’s what makes it so intense.
  3. I’m nervous how Thielen does with Kirk. Will Cousins pass him the ball? Can they connect and create a report?
  4. I am the rare old thyme fantasy timer who wants the all star QB give me all the Brees, Brady and Rodgers early.
  5. Homer pick....
  6. I have read the reports on why Ingram will have down year; however, given his upside I’ll take it in Round 6.
  7. Not going lie I don’t know a ton about Chris Thompson. I know he runs with Washington and I think he’s more of a 3rd down type the pass catcher. He was one of the top rankings players remaining.
  8. My first bench spot goes to Edelman I have to keep my team afloat 4 weeks then set him loose.
  9. I’m bullish on Cooper for my second bench spot I’m getting 800+ yards and 5 TDs.
  10. I think Reed is a top 5 TE and this will be a bounce back year so I’m holding out for him in most drafts.
  11. Muscle Hamster is worth a gamble here for the potential upside.
  12. In lieu of defense I doubled down on QB I HAVE to have that position secured if I want any chance of winning.
  13. Calling it now Chargers defense will be the best (as long as Bossa is healthy).
  14. Meh it’s Peyton Barber.
  15. Dede could be good major flier here.
  16. Legotron will get me those 40 and 50 yard field goals.
  17. Watch out for Mr. Irrelevant I wrote about him previously he led NCAA in receptions and historically that makes for a fantasy relevant player.

Who has your favorite team? Let us know in the comments.