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RB1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Top 5 must haves for a successful draft party

The guys read mini-camp headlines, talk Trump disinviting the Eagles to the White House and rank the top 5 things you need for a successful draft party.

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Pete opens the show accusing Clark of actually being a Jadeveon Clowney burner account in host form while Jordan busily replenishes himself in the Motherland (0:33). In NFL news, former 49ers’ tight end Dwight Clark sadly passed away Monday (4:36), Pete introduces a new segment called “Quotes from Mini-Camp” (7:45) and Donald Trump, our commander and cheese, disinvited the Eagles to the White House because he’s a child (14:27). The guys then give their official power rankings of the top 5 things you must have at your fantasy football draft party for it to be considered a success (20:13).

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