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Fantasy Football Draft Guide (with links)

Fantasy football content from Fake Teams!

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

What follows is a running list of fantasy football content from right here at Fake Teams. We’ll be updating it as we go along, and trimming off whatever becomes obsolete as we near summer’s end. Good luck out there, and if you have specific players you’d like to hear about, let us know in the comments!

What Makes a TE1? - Heath explores average TE1 production over the last two seasons.

Best Ball Values - Heath has done entirely too many $1 fast ones on DRAFT!

Julian Edelman’s Suspension - Pete (resident Pats fan) explores the fallout, including increased roles for a pair of New England wide receivers. Clark Barnes offered his own take on the Edelman suspesion, though it’s not exactly related to fantasy football...

Should You Draft a Quarterback Early? - Pete explores Aaron Rodgers and the position’s elite.

Melvin Gordon Syndrome - Pete explores the productive players we tend to forget about on draft day.

Best Landing Spots for NFL Rookies - Pete talks up D.J. Moore, Nyheim Hines, and others.

Trey Quinn and other Mr. Irrelevant Wide Receivers - Mark Abell gives you the history of all “Irrelevant” wideouts.