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Julian Edelman Suspension Still Under Investigation

Scientists working to identify unknown substance in Edelman test.

52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show
Edelman and the Leading American Female at an Awards Show.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

According to RotoWorld, MMQB’s Albert Breer reports scientists are still working to identify an unknown substance which led to Julian Edelman’s suspension for PED use.

This revelation raises several questions around what this substance might be, and what, exactly, goes in to Alex Guerrero’s training regimen?

While we wait to hear more details from the NFL and the Edelman camp, some have floated the idea that the unknown substance is Spice Melange. This substance is known to increase vitality and give a heightened sense of awareness, something an aging wide receiver coming off an ACL tear could certainly take advantage of. The substance has not been officially added to the list of banned substances from the league, which may help Edelman’s appeal case. The New England Patriots are holding hope this technicality may at least reduce the suspension.

The leading theory, however, is that the failed test was the result of a presence of Midichlorians. We all understand Midichlorians should not be considered a drug, of course, and that is leading many to speculate this ban will be overturned. The main question the league will have to tackle should this theory be proven true: Will the NFL prejudice against Jedi, or those who come from Jedi stock?

Only time will tell.