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Robinson Cano suspended for 80 games

Feel free to set Robinson Cano free for 2018.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, the hits keep coming. Or not coming, in Cano’s case.

The Mariners second baseman was suspended for 80 games on Tuesday, due to taking a diuretic called furosemide. This is all too high-tech for me, but my understanding is that the diuretic is the masking agent for a banned substance. The diuretic itself is not banned, so @TJQuinnESPN has posited that the MLB must have been able to prove that Cano was using the diuretic to mask a drug. If you want more in-depth coverage on that, I would head to TJ’s twitter feed.

What it means for us? The Mariners have already stated that they will NOT move Dee Gordon to second base, even though relying on Gordon Beckham for offense or defense is a suspect move.

It’s a head-scratching move in my opinion, as they could shift Dee to second and utilize Guillermo Heredia in center. That would still give them a plus defender at second base (Dee) and probably some average defense in center (Heredia). I also think Heredia is a better overall MLB player than Beckham, but hey, the Mariners didn’t ask for my opinion.

For now, Cano is a safe drop. We also have to assume the Mariners are telling the truth and Dee Gordon will remain in the outfield. That means Gordon Beckham gets a boost if you are absolutely desperate for a second baseman. I’d try to go another way, though. Yikes.

If you want a silver lining, here’s one: Ryon Healy and Mike Zunino should each receive a boost in the Mariners lineup, with Healy moving to sixth instead of seventh and Zunino moving to seventh instead of eighth. So that’s something...right?