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Top 5 potential landing spots for Odell Beckham Jr

Will a trade happen? No. Could it happen? Maybe. Is it fun to wildly speculate? OF COURSE!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When the “the Giants aren’t but are shopping Odell Beckham” rumors danced across my Twitterfeed Monday, my first thought was to shake my head and ignore them. Then, whilst I was at the gym Tuesday morning, I got this notification regarding an Adam Schefter retweet:

If Schefty is STILL tweeting and retweeting about Odell rumors 24 hours later—and Pat Shurmur is making very vague, noncommittal comments about OBJ—then maybe all this crazy speculation is worth it. After all, this has been one of the craziest offseasons in the history of the NFL. Who’s to say there won’t be an Odell trade?

Now, for those at home thinking, “This is a dumb article, the Giants will never trade Odell” you might be right, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Beckham has already gone out of his way to mention that he won’t play in 2018 without a new contract, and you can bet that that new contract will be for a BUNCH of money. Like a loooooot of money. Take whatever number you’re thinking of, double it, and make it all guaranteed. If Donte Moncrief can get an entirely guaranteed contract, you can bet that’s what Beckham will be looking for.

Who knows what timeline the Giants are operating on. Do you try and keep the gang together and milk every last drop out of Eli Manning or do you blow everything up and start fresh? Personally, I don’t know why you’d get rid of one of the best receivers in the game—and in the history of the NFL so far—to help whatever new quarterback you’re going to draft, but hey, I’m not an NFL GM.

Basically, Odell could get traded. So, where’s he going? Here are my five favorite landing spots for OBJ. (Now, some of these are teams that could actually make a trade for him, others are teams that I just would love to see Beckham on. Of course, since this is a fantasy site, most of my arrangement is in regards to maximum fantasy power, which doesn’t actually need that much help since Odell is a fantasy machine. But let’s just take this machine to 11.)

Honorable Mention: Buffalo Bills

According to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, the Bills have the second most draft capital in this coming draft and they could easily swing those picks for Beckham. They also need a wide receiver. However, they also need a quarterback. If only they’d kept Tyrod.... Actually, if we’re playing the “if only” game, if only the Bills didn’t trade down with the Chiefs and stayed and took Pat Mahomes.

5. Cleveland Browns

If the Browns want Beckham, they have the most to offer the Giants. I asked this Monday to the Twittersphere, but who says no to an Odell Beckham for pick number 4, number 33 and Corey Coleman trade?

I put the Browns at 5 because despite how much talent the Browns might have on their team, I just can’t trust the fact that the curse of the Browns won’t just come in and ruin everyone’s career. Plus, from a fantasy perspective, if I’m picking where Beckham goes, I’m not sure Cleveland is in my top five. But they make the list because they’re likely the team to get it done if it does happen.

Does this trade happen? If a trade’s going to happen, I’d put my money on Cleveland pulling it off.

4. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams fall in the category of team that might actually pull this thing off. When rumors first starting floating about Monday, the Rams, along with the Browns, were the only two teams mentioned by name for having an interest in trading for Beckham. And why wouldn’t they? I mean honestly, every team should be interested in trading for OBJ.

Fantasy wise, Jared Goff took a big step in his sophomore season and giving him a weapon like Beckham would certainly help continue his growth. I would love to see what Sean McVay could do with a talent like OBJ and you know Todd Gurley would love to see defenses have to keep two safeties deep.

Does this trade happen? No. I’m sorry LA fans. While the Rams certainly have been frisky this offseason and have made their Super Bowl intentions well known, I have a hard time seeing them shell out massive money to Beckham the same year they’re going to have to shell out massive money to Aaron Donald.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Surprised? It’s not like I’ve included the 49ers in every single “landing spots” article I’ve written this offseason. But they make sense here! I promise!

The Niners have their quarterback of the future but really haven’t done anything this offseason to surround him with talent. I love Jerick McKinnon but he’s a running back, not a number one receiver. If you want Jimmy Garoppolo to succeed (and survive, because, you know, the Rams now have Donald AND Ndamukong Suh on their defensive line) John Lynch needs to get him a legit number one receiver. Plus Beckham in Kyle Shanahan’s offense? Yes please.

Does this trade happen? Very doubtful, but not impossible. The 49ers don’t have a second round pick and in order to pull off the trade they’d likely have to give up their 9th overall pick, which leaves them with nothing until the third round. Not ideal for a team looking to stockpile on talent.

2. Indianapolis Colts

  • Whole bundle of picks that could be used to get Beckham out of New York? Check
  • A franchise quarterback who could actually take advantage of the talents of Beckham? Check (I’m pulling a Clark Barnes here and assuming that Luck is ready to go in 2018).
  • A team that’s desperate to make a move to remind people that they are in fact a team in the NFL and deserve to be taken seriously? Check and check.

The recipe is there for the Colts to pull of the stunner and suddenly regain legitimacy in a rising AFC South. Will they do it? Who knows. But I’m totally onboard. Let’s not forget that with a healthy Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton was a top five fantasy wide receiver. Last time I checked, Odell Beckham is better than Hilton at literally everything receiving wise. And that’s not meant to be a slight on Hilton. Beckham is just that freaking good.

Does this trade happen? I could see it. Jim Irsay has been known to trade large amounts of draft capital for players he thinks can make a difference. Sometimes they work out, a la Vontae Davis, and sometimes they’re a complete bust. Sorry Trent Richardson.

1. Green Bay Packers

Close your eyes.

Imagine a world where Aaron Rodgers, the most physically talented quarterback in the NFL right now, is throwing deep balls to Odell Beckham, possibly the most physically talented receiver in the NFL right now.

Imagine watching Rodgers Houdini his way out of trouble to heave a beautiful, perfectly thrown 60 yard bomb right into the outstretched mits of Beckham streaking down the field.

Imagine Rodgers, blindly whipping the ball 100 miles per hour into the red zone with pressure bearing down on him and Beckham to rise from the ground, casually pluck the ball from the air and land with the grace of a ballerina along the backline of the endzone.

Open your eyes.

This could be reality. I’m serious.

The Packers have the draft capital (they hold the 14th overall pick), the need (they released Jordy Nelson and went after both Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson), the money (yes they’ll need to sign Aaron Rodgers to a bajillion dollar contract but they could save a bit of money releasing Randall Cobb) and we know new GM Brian Gutekunst is all in on being aggressive and active in free agency (Mo Wilkerson anyone?). Let this happen Football Gods.



If the Packers were to trade for Odell Beckham, would you draft him first overall?

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