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2018 Spring Training Cap Rankings

The best and the worst. We rank all 42 caps!

Getty Images/ Rogers Illustrations

BREAKING NEWS! Pitchers and catchers report next week! Spring Training 2018 is officially upon us! With that, coupled with a lack of big free agent signings, I thought it would be fun to look at the latest edition of Spring Training caps released by MLB and its 30 teams.

For these rankings I used a very intricate system where I looked at all the caps side-by-side and picked which ones I liked the best. Daunting research, I know, but it had to be done!

Without further ado, here is the DEFINITIVE ranking of all 42 MLB Spring Training caps for 2018. Yes, I included all alternatives! All designs are from

42. Braves (Home)

Problematic logo to begin with. Even overlooking that, this cap is pretty dull.

41. Tigers (Road)

So much orange!

40. Tigers (Alt. 2)

So much orange! But at least it has a freaking tiger on it.

39. Rays

Ain’t nobody looking good in this!

T35. Brewers

The Brewers are clearly too busy making trades and signings to update their cap.

T35. Nationals

This is their regular season cap...

T35. Marlins

Derek Jeter is clearly too busy to make any changes to his team’s Spring Training cap.

T35. Cubs (Alt)

You can’t fool me Cubs. Just because it says “alternative” doesn’t make it so!

34. Twins (Home)

A gold trim around the logo keeps this from being the same cap the Twins use on a regular basis.

33. Angels

Congratulations, you changed the brim.

32. Diamondbacks

With a logo often called a ‘prison tattoo’ at least they kept the colors simple.

31. Reds (Road)

The inverse to a much better “Home” cap, this version is a flop.

30. Rays (Alt. 1)

Better than the primary Rays cap. I hope there’s more!

29. Astros

After winning the World Series, the Astros aren’t winning anything with this look.

28. Tigers (Home)

Solid, but that thing is gonna get dirty quick.

27. Royals

This design works a lot better when the Royals are actually winning.

26. Red Sox

Classic logo with a modern color scheme. It’ll work.

25. Cardinals

Same as the Red Sox one before it, it’ll work.

24. Dodgers

I applaud the Dodgers for trying something new. “D” for decent!

23. Giants

Bold logo but there may be a better version of this cap still to come.

22. Twins (Road)

Very similar to the Indians cap. Unfortunately, the Twins are behind the Indians in these standings as well.

21. White Sox (Alt.)

This version just misses the top 20. I think the other White Sox cap will fare better.

20. Yankees (Away)

Not as nice as the “Home” version. Still, any Yankees cap is a best seller.

19. Indians

I’ve always liked this hat. Plus, no racist undertones!

18. Pirates

Black and yellow look nice together.

17. Rays (Alt. 2)

By far the best of the Rays collection. It just says “Spring Training”.

16. Rangers

The Rangers are from Texas in case you didn’t know.

15. Blue Jays

Canada (and Blue Jays fans) should be proud.

14. Padres

A nice throwback. This hat will look great on the field.

13. Tigers (Alt. 1)

It has a freaking tiger on it!

12. Reds (Home)

I love me some red and black! This is a much better color scheme than the “Road” version. I’m also a fan of the Old English font.

11. Athletics

Just missing the top 10, I really like the throwback to the Philadelphia Athletics’ logo.

10. Phillies

The Phillies crack the top 10 like they cracked the liberty bell. Great design and color scheme.

9. Orioles

Cartoon bird mixed with a simple color scheme. This is top 10 folks.

8. Yankees (Home)

Super clean. Just wait till you see it on Giancarlo Stanton.

7. Mets

The Mets outdid the Yankees! This cap is simplistically beautiful.

6. Cubs

Fierce bear is tight!

5. Giants (Alt.)

Love the gray cap with the bold, black “SF” logo. The orange border is the icing on the cake to make this cap a top 5 entry.

4. Braves (Road)

Another throwback, the Braves make the top 5 with the simple but effective cap. A much better ranking than the horrid “Home” version.

3. Mariners

I will always love the trident.

2. Rockies

Love the use of the mountains and state flag. The wolverine claws don’t stick out as much in this design. There’s a reason this has been one of the most talked about new logos.

1. White Sox

Super simple but absolutely perfect. For a rebuilding franchise, this is a big step in the right direction.

There you have it. Check out all these caps and more at

Let me know how great I did in the comments! I’m sure there will be no disputes.


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