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Olympic Medal Recap February 15th – 16th , 2018

Big jump from Germany and Norway, no one is surprised

Olympics: Men's Skeleton Official Training Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The last two days of games brought us a number of great stories

-The oldest Alpine winner

-Mikaela’s first 2018 medal; Mikaela sitting out an event; Mikaela Shriffin returning and not placing in the next event

-China took a handful more medals

-Korea took it’s 2nd Gold Medal

-Norway is still good at skiing

-Netherlands is still good at skating

-Germany is still good at luge

-Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua finished 114th out of 116 skiiers.

-US Women’s hockey team lost to Canada but should see them again in the finals

Day 5: February 15

Men’s downhill

Gold: Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway) – Oldest person to win a gold in alpine skiing!

Silver: Kjetil Jansrud (Norway)

Bronze: Beat Feuz (Switzerland)

Women’s giant slalom

Gold: Mikaela Shiffrin (United States) her first 2018 medal after a long anticipated premiere.

Silver: Ragnhild Mowinckel (Norway)

Bronze: Federica Brignone (Italy)

Biathlon Men’s individual

Gold: Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway)

Silver: Jakov Fak (Slovenia) takes the Silver just 6 seconds behind Johannes.

Bronze: Dominik Landertinger (Austria)

Olympics: Biathlon Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Women’s individual

Gold: Hanna Öberg (Sweden) an emotional win for Hanna as she hit all 20 targets in the surprise Gold.

Silver: Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia)

Bronze: Laura Dahlmeier (Germany)

Cross-country skiing Women’s 10km freestyle

Gold: Ragnhild Haga (Norway) Ragnhild topped Kalla who won the Skiathalon on Saturday to win the Cross Country Skiing 10km.

Silver: Charlotte Kalla (Sweden)

Bronze: Marit Bjørgen (Norway) &Krista Pärmäkoski (Finland)

Figure skating Pairs

Gold: Aljona Savchenko & Bruno Massot (Germany)

Silver: Sui Wenjing & Han Cong (China)

Bronze: Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford (Canada)

Olympics: Figure Skating-Pairs Free Skate Program Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Luge Team relay

Gold: Natalie Geisenberger, Johannes Ludwig, Tobias Wendl, Tobias Arlt (Germany) Germany is really good at luge.

Silver: Alex Gough, Samuel Edney, Tristan Walker, Justin Snith (Canada)

Bronze: Madeleine Egle, David Gleirscher, Peter Penz, Georg Fischler (Austria)

Snowboarding Men’s snowboard cross

Gold: Pierre Vaultier (France)

Silver: Jarryd Hughes (Australia)

Bronze: Regino Hernández (Spain)

Speed skating Men’s 10,000m

Gold: Ted-Jan Bloemen (Canada)

Silver: Jorrit Bergsma (Netherlands)

Bronze: Nicola Tumolero (Italy)

Day 6 February 16

Alpine skiing Men’s super-G This might be my new favorite winter sport. It’s insane how quick they go and the moves and contours they have to make down the course

Gold: Matthias Mayer (Austria) None of the attacking vikings took the gold here.

Silver: Beat Feuz (Switzerland)

Bronze: Kjetil Jansrud (Norway)

Olympics: Alpine Skiing-Mens Super-G Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Women’s slalom

Gold: Frida Hansdotter (Sweden) after a 15th place finish in 2010 and a 5th place finish at Sochi in 2014, she took the gold this year.

Silver: Wendy Holdener (Switzerland)

Bronze: Katharina Gallhuber (Austria)

Cross-country skiing Men’s 15km freestyle

Gold: Dario Cologna (Switzerland)

Silver: Simen Hegstad Krüger (Norway) this will go nicely with his gold he took in the skiathlon he won earlier this week.

Bronze: Denis Spitsov (Olympic Athletes from Russia)

Olympics: Cross Country Skiing-Mens 2 x 15km Double Pursuit Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Freestyle skiing Women’s aerials

Gold: Hanna Huskova (Belarus)

Silver: Zhang Xin (China) a third silver for Zhang and a great medal placing for China!

Bronze: Kong Fanyu (China)

Skeleton Men’s

Gold: Yun Sung-bin (South Korea) home town hero won and man was there some loud chants when he got up from his sled.

Silver: Nikita Tregubov (Olympic Athletes from Russia)

Bronze: Dominic Parsons (Great Britain)

Snowboarding Women’s snowboard cross

Gold: Michela Moioli (Italy) real dominant performance by Michela as she takes the gold.

Silver: Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau (France)

Bronze: Eva Samková (Czech Republic)

Olympics: Snowboard Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Speed skating Women’s 5000m

Gold: Esmee Visser (Netherlands)

Silver: Martina Sáblíková (Czech Republic)

Bronze: Natalya Voronina (Olympic Athletes from Russia) the 23 year old came in just behind Martina but also just ahead of Netherlands Annouk van der Weijden to take the Bronze.

Fantasy Update –

Norway was on using their game genie cheat codes and went from 22 points up to 39. They own the most medals while Germany holds the most Gold medals.

Great Britain and Spain are now on the board with a Bronze each.

Belarus holds one gold respectably.

Current Standings with MANY events still to go:






Total Points 37 (up 10 from two days ago)






Total Points 68 (up 24 from two days ago)






Total Points 54 (up 16 from two days ago)






Total Points 50 (up 21 from two days ago)