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Olympic Medal Recap February 14th, 2018

Japan with a big push on day 5

Olympics: Speed Skating-Womens 1500m Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Day 5 is in the books. Germany dominated in the Luge doubles, Shaun White got yet another Gold, about the only real surprise came in Speed Skating where the Netherlands took YET ANOTHER medal (not to mention a Gold) usurping Nao Kaira and Miho Takagi as the Netherlands now has the 2nd most Golds and total Medals. Mens curling got a nice boost with a strong showing as well as the Canadian Figure Skating duo of Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford while the Swiss are struggling in Curling and the German figure skating Aljona Savchenko had a rough outing.

Day 5:

Luge Doubles This is such an interesting event to watch. Top participant is hooked into the sled, bottom is usually not even visiable from camera view.

Gold: Tobias Wendl & Tobias Arlt (Germany)

Silver: Peter Penz & Georg Fischler (Austria) – had a great first run stepping firmly between the two strong German teams.

Bronze:Toni Eggert & Sascha Benecken (Germany)

Olympics: Luge Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Nordic combined Individual normal hill/10km

Gold: Eric Frenzel (Germany) – Some real strong winds wipping across for this event did not deter Eric en route to his Gold (he won the gold in 2014)

Silver: Akito Watabe (Japan)

Bronze: Lukas Klapfer (Austria) – this Bronze gave Austria their 4th medal in the 2018 Olympics

Snowboarding Men’s halfpipe

Gold: Shaun White (United States) – Quoted as saying his work this year was inspired by Usain Bolt.

Silver: Ayumu Hirano (Japan)

Bronze: Scott James (Australia)

Olympics: Snowboard-Mens Halfpipe Final Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Speed skating Women’s 1000m

Gold: Jorien ter Mors (Netherlands) – Still perfect in Gold medals for Speed Skating.

Silver: Nao Kodaira (Japan) – The expected top 2 settled for Silver and Bronze – still respectable showing from Japan.

Bronze: Miho Takagi (Japan)

Speedskating: 2017 World Sprint Speed Skating Championships Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy update

Big day for CelticPride (Austria took a Bronze in Nordic Combined and a Silver in the Luge Doubles +6 points for him

We can skip past me, I came in with a big fat goose egg (thanks a lot Norway)

Casey had the biggest surge with Germany taking Golds in Luge Doubles and Nordic Combined not to mention a Bronze in the luge doubles. (side note they are freakishly good a luge doubles).

Pete had a Gold from the Flying Tomato not to mention a Bronze in Snowboarding halfpipe from Scott James.

-Someone mentioned this but I really should have given more creedance to China, Korea and Japan who already have 10 total medals).

Because I geek out on this – better worse than cost


Netherlands – 14% of total points vs. weighted cost of 6%

Japan – 6% of total points vs. weighted cost of 2%


Russia – 3% of total points vs. weighted cost of 8%

Switzerland – 1% of total points vs. weighted cost of 4%


USA 16

Austria 9

Finland 2

Croatia 0

Total Points 27 (change since yesterday +6)


Norway 22

Canada 20

Liechtenstein 0

Finland 2

Total Points 44 (change since yesterday – 0)


Germany 28

Sweden 8

Finland 2

Liechtenstein 0

Total Points 38 (change since yesterday +7)


USA 16

Switzerland 2

Sweden 8

Australia 3

Total Points 29 (change since yesterday - +6 – because I missed the medal the other day)