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Every 2018 Olympic Medal February 10th – 14th

A breakdown of all recipients and some fun information

Olympics: Medals Ceremony Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Day 1 Saturday February 10


Gold: Laura Dahlmeier (Germany) – Great win by Laura who dominated and came through with the gold.

Silver: Marte Olsbu (Norway)

Bronze: Veronika Vítková (Czech Republic)

Cross-country skiing Women’s

Gold: Charlotte Kalla (Sweden) “officially” the first Gold Medalist of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Silver: Marit Bjørgen (Norway)

Bronze: Krista Pärmäkoski (Finland )

Olympics: Medals Ceremony Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

Short track speed skating Men’s 1500 m

Gold: Lim Hyo-jun (South Korea) – The home country is on the board!

Silver: Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands)

Bronze: Semion Elistratov (Olympic Athletes from Russia) First medals from the absentee country.

Ski jumping Men’s normal hill individual

Gold: Andreas Wellinger (Germany )

Silver: Johann André Forfang (Norway)

Bronze: Robert Johansson (Norway)

Speed skating Women’s 3000m

Gold: Carlijn Achtereekte (Netherlands)

Silver: Ireen Wüst (Netherlands)

Bronze:Antoinette de Jong (Netherlands ) Netherlands sweeps the women’s speed skating

Day 2 Sunday February 11

Biathlon Men’s

Gold: Arnd Peiffer (Germany) I’m always skeptical of people without a vowel in their name. That’s right Arnd, I’m watching you…

Silver: Michal Krčmář (Czech Republic)

Bronze: Dominik Windisch (Italy) The Italians are on the board! He finished 11th in 2014 and his brother is a former biathlete

Cross-country skiing Men’s

Gold: Simen Hegstad Krüger (Norway)

Silver: Martin Johnsrud Sundby (Norway )

Bronze: Hans Christer Holund (Norway) –Norway sweeps cross-country skiing.

Freestyle skiing Women’s moguls

Gold: Perrine Laffont (France)

Silver: Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Canada)

Bronze: Yuliya Galysheva (Kazakhstan) – This is impressive as Yuliya won behind the Gold Medal champions from 2010 and 2014 (Perrine and Justine)

Luge Men’s

Gold: David Gleirscher (Austria) Great pick by Celtic Pride as Austria’s David came in big on the Luge.

Silver: Chris Mazdzer (United States)

Bronze: Johannes Ludwig (Germany)

Snowboarding Men’s

Gold: Redmond Gerard (United States) A great come from behind win after some bad qualifying runs

Silver: Max Parrot (Canada)

Bronze: Mark McMorris (Canada)

Speed skating Men’s 5000m

Gold: Sven Kramer (Netherlands)

Silver: Ted-Jan Bloemen (Canada) – Fun factoid, he was the first athlete paid in cryptocurrency.

Bronze: Sverre Lunde Pedersen (Norway)

Day 3 Monday February 12

Biathlon Men’s

Gold: Martin Fourcade (France) – It looked bleak until the final leg when he absolutely dominated after an 8thplace finish on Sunday.

Silver: Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden)

Bronze: Benedikt Doll (Germany)

Women’s pursuit

Gold: Laura Dahlmeier (Germany) – 2nd gold for Laura.

Silver: Anastasiya Kuzmina (Slovakia)

Bronze: Anaïs Bescond (France)

Figure skating Team event

Gold: Patrick Chan, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Meagan Duhamel, Eric Radford, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir (Canada)

Silver: Mikhail Kolyada, Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Tarasova, Vladimir Morozov, Natalia Zabiiako, Alexander Enbert, Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev, (Olympic Athletes from Russia)

Bronze: Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Bradie Tennell, Mirai Nagasu, Alexa Scimeca Knierim, Chris Knierim, Maia Shibutani, Alex Shibutani (United States)

Freestyle skiing Men’s moguls

Gold: Mikaël Kingsbury (Canada) – Went to sleep every night with the words “I Will Win” on the ceiling.

Silver: Matt Graham (Australia)

Bronze: Daichi Hara (Japan)

Ski jumping Women’s normal hill individual

Gold: Maren Lundby (Norway)

Silver: Katharina Althaus (Germany)

Bronze: Sara Takanashi (Japan) – After a brutal 4thplace finish at Sochi behind the Gold Medal favorite, she medals at Pyeongchang.

Olympics: Ski Jumping Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Snowboarding Women’s slopestyle

Gold: Jamie Anderson (United States) – This event was brutal, the winds, hail and iced up course made it unpleasant for all involved.

Silver: Laurie Blouin (Canada)

Bronze: Enni Rukajärvi (Finland)

Speed skating Women’s 1500m

Gold: Ireen Wüst (Netherlands) – Her 5th Career Olympic Gold Medal.

Silver: Miho Takagi (Japan)

Bronze: Marrit Leenstra (Netherlands)

Day 4 Tuesday February 13

Alpine skiing Men’s

Gold: Marcel Hirscher (Austria) after races at 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi (where he got a silver) the question existed if he could win it all. Well, he did.

Silver: Alexis Pinturault (France)

Bronze: Victor Muffat-Jeandet (France)

Olympics: Alpine Skiing-Men's Downhill Training Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Cross-country skiing Men’s individual sprint

Gold: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (Norway)

Silver: Federico Pellegrino (Italy)

Bronze: Alexander Bolshunov (Olympic Athletes from Russia)

Women’s individual sprint

Gold: Stina Nilsson (Sweden) – UPSET Alert! Stina rallies through to upset Maiken and take the gold!

Silver: Maiken Caspersen Falla (Norway)

Bronze: Yulia Belorukova (Olympic Athletes from Russia)

Curling Mixed doubles

Gold: Kaitlyn Lawes & John Morris (Canada)

Silver: Jenny Perret &Martin Rios (Switzerland)

Bronze: Anastasia Bryzgalova & Alexander Krushelnitskiy (Olympic Athletes from Russia) an odd situation where they tripped over one of the stones

Luge Women’s singles

Gold: Natalie Geisenberger (Germany) – Second consecutive title from Natalie.

Silver: Dajana Eitberger (Germany)

Bronze: Alex Gough (Canada)

Short track speed skating Women’s 500m

Gold: Arianna Fontana (Italy) – Arianna takes the gold as home favorite Choi Minjeong was DQ’d for interference.

Silver: Yara van Kerkhof (Netherlands)

Bronze: Kim Boutin (Canada)

Snowboarding Women’s halfpipe

Gold: Chloe Kim (United States) Emotional win by the 17 year old on her first run with an almost perfect score.

Silver: Liu Jiayu (China)

Bronze: Arielle Gold (United States)

Olympic Preview: U.S. Olympic Team Media Summit Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Speed skating Men’s 1500m

Gold: Kjeld Nuis (Netherlands)

Silver: Patrick Roest (Netherlands)

Bronze Kim Min-seok (South Korea) The host country spoils Netherlands from sweeping another speed skating event

For those of you playing the Fantasy Game below are the current stats (it’s still very early)

Celtic Pride with a very impressive Austria pick – already paying dividends

USA 13

Austria 6

Finland 2

Croatia 0

Total Points 21

Mark while I am ahead, I don’t feel good, I think I played my cards too early

Norway 22

Canada 20

Liechtenstein 0

Finland 2

Total Points 44

Casey – Gah, Sweden, why didn’t I think of utilizing them. A dark horse.

Germany 21

Sweden 8

Finland 2

Liechtenstein 0

Total Points 31

Pete – USA is JUST getting warmed up Snow Boarding, Hockey, Bobsledding, a lot of events USA can take medals.

USA 13

Switzerland 0

Sweden 8

Australia 2

Total Points 23