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Fantasy Football QB Index: Week 13

Who are the top-rated passers in the NFL?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 was a complete mixed bag for the quarterbacks in the NFL, with a big drop-off in ratings across the board. It was the second lowest average rating of 2018 at 47.3%, a 10.1% drop from Week 12 and it has brought the average rating for 2018 down to 53.6%, which is still nearly 4% above last year’s rating of 49.8% at the same point in the season.

After Drew Brees posted his lowest rating of 2018 with 31.8% in the Saints’ loss to the Cowboys on Thursday Night Football, Patrick Mahomes has overtaken him at the head of the 2018 rankings. Mahomes posted a 72.7% rating in the Chiefs’ win over the Raiders, and leads Brees by the narrowest of margins with a 71.1% rating (to Brees’ 71.0%). Philip Rivers lies just behind them in third place with a 2018 rating of 69.2% as he also had a strong showing in Week 13. Rivers led the Chargers to a come from behind victory on the road in Pittsburgh, posting a 71.2% rating for the second straight week.

QB Index Ratings - Week 13

QB Index Ratings - 2018 Season to Date (min 100 attempts)

Do the rankings match up with your views of the league’s signal callers? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @PaddiCooper