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The Double Switch: Episode 10

Heath flies solo and catches you up on all the recent MLB Hot Stove action.

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MLB: AL Wild Card-New York Yankees Workout TODAY NETWORK

Heath flies solo, side effect of #dadlife not aligning with Joe’s life. Anyway, if you’re all caught up on MLB happenings, this podcast is not for you. If, however, you’ve been hibernating...this podcast IS for you. Topics are below, and be sure to follow along on Twitter and/or subscribe/like/love/hate/whatever you do on iTunes.

0:00 - I’m old

2:30 James Paxton to the Yankees

7:00 Patrick Corbin to the Nationals (yikes at the hard contact)

13:00 Nate Eovaldi is re-ups with the Red Sox (to start, not close)

14:00 Garrett Richards signs with the rapidly rebuilding Padres, but can he stay healthy?

15:30 Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz are New York Mets, Jarred Kelenic is Grady Sizemore?

19:00 Justin Dunn and a plug for Zack’s Top 50 MLB prospects who can help you win NOW

20:30 Jean Segura to the Phillies

23:30 Andrew McCutchen to the Phillies (he’s still a total stud and I hate he’s not in ATL)

25:30 Jonathan Schoop is an underrated power source for your MI as a Minnesota Twin

27:30 Obligatory Paul Goldschmidt chatter. Still a four-category contributor. Lock and load.

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