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Go get Kyle Korver RIGHT NOW


NBA: Houston Rockets at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver has reportedly been traded to the Utah Jazz for Alec Burks and 2 second round draft picks.

He is a career 43.2 3PT% shooter. He’s fourth all time in three pointers made with 2238 (Ray Allen’s #1 with 2973). He has the sixth best 3PT% of ALL TIME (43.2 3PT%; Steph Curry’s third best all time with a 43.8 3PT%).

Korver’s attempted 4+ three point attempts per game since 2011-12. He’s averaging 3.4 3PA this season because Cleveland sucks and Korver’s playing less than 20 minutes per game.

The Utah Jazz are currently 9-12 and, holy God, they’re in second-to-last place in the West (only Phoenix has a worse record). Having said that, they’re only 4 wins behind the #1 team in the West, the LA Clippers. The West is suuuuper bunched up right now, and every team BUT the Suns could realistically be trying to make the playoffs (Dallas!). The Jazz are 15th in the NBA in 3PA, but they’re second worst at 3PT% as a team.

Kyle Korver can help that. Here’s why:

Donovan Mitchell is Utah’s most prolific outside shooter, attempting 6.6 3PA per game. Jae Crowder is second with 6.4. BOTH OF THOSE GUYS ARE SHOOTING LESS THAN 30% FROM THREE. RED FLAG.

Ricky Rubio, Don Mitch, Rudy Gobert, and Joe Ingles: those guys are definitely starters. Kyle Korver should slot in as the fifth starter, replacing Jae Crowder’s sub-40% shooting from the field (which is the fourth worst IN THE ENTIRE NBA for players who average 5+ 3PA per game), and hopefully ending any playing of Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert together (per, they have a negative rating). Utah has the fifth lowest PPG average in the NBA; they need scoring more than they need Jae Crowder’s defense.

Let’s say Korver averages 20+ MPG, whether he starts or comes off the bench. Let’s say he gets 10+ shots a game (Dante Exum, who doesn’t need to play and is also shooting poorly, gets 6 shots a game, and Alec Burks, who the Jazz traded for Korver, also averages 6+ FGA per game). Let’s also say that Korver shoots at his usual high, ELITE-ELITE level, but we’ll be conservative and give him a 40 3PT%, even though that’s low, and we’ll assume he takes 5+ 3PA per game, his average over the past couple of years. Here’s the current list of players who shoot 10 times a game, attempt at least 5 threes, and have a 40+ 3PT%:

Steph Curry, Josh Richardson, Khris Middleton, Buddy Hield, Danilo Cincinnatus Gallinari, Terrence Ross, Justin Holiday, and Bryn Forbes. ALL OF THOSE DUDES ARE TOP 15 AT THEIR POSITION IN FANTASY AND ARE TOP 100 PLAYERS IN ESPN BASIC...except for Forbes who’s ranked 31st, but is still a top 150 player (he’s tied with Lonzo Ball in value).

Kyle Korver is 1.1% owned as of Wednesday evening. He has a chance to instantly be playing like a top 100 fantasy player. He’s on a team now that desperately needs his shooting. Hell, he might get more minutes than anyone anticipated, if he fits in really well.

If Korver starts shooting 6 threes a game, and making at least 40% of them, then watch the eff out. This is a perfect match of player and team need, and it’s the perfect opportunity to dominate the waiver wire and pick up Korver before anyone else in your league does. If Korver can average 3 3PM per game (not impossible since he’s, y’know, an HISTORIC long range shooter), he’ll join only 7 other players in the NBA, and ALL of them are owned in at least 80% of ESPN leagues...except for Justin Holiday on the Bulls, who no one believes in and no one wants to pick up. (They should, though, he’s been super valuable in fantasy.) When’s the last time a top 100 player just appeared out of nowhere?

I love this trade, and I picked Korver up in my league. Good on ya, Jazz!