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Beat The Spread Week 12: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

At least Pete continued in a positive direction

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints The Daily Advertiser-USA TODAY N

Beat the Spread Week 11

Week 11 Favorite Underdog Outcome Feslen Pete Mark Sixtus
Week 11 Favorite Underdog Outcome Feslen Pete Mark Sixtus
ATL -3.5 Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys 6.5
CAR -4.5 Carolina Panthers Detroit Lions 5.5
IND -1.5 Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans -26.5 -26.5
NYG -1.5 New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1.5 -1.5
HOU -3 Houston Texans Washington Redskins 1
PIT -5 Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars 1 1 1
ARI -5.5 Arizona Cardinals Oakland Raiders 7.5
LAC -7 Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos 8 8 8
NO -8 New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles -33 -33 -33
CHI -2.5 Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings -2.5 -2.5
LAR -3.5 Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Chiefs 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Total Week 11 -27.5 6.5 -31.5 -24.5

Week 11 High Level Overview

  • 7 games netted positive amounts (vs. 8 in Week 4)
  • 4 games netted negative amounts (vs. 4 in Week 4)
  • Biggest variances: Eagles -33 and Broncos +8

Current Totals –I’m taking out Salti and Paddi, they didn’t go through the trenches on this the way the rest of us did.

  1. Feslen 12 (He got hit by the ‘Titan’ic loss which offset an otherwise almost flat Chiefs/Bucs split)
  2. Mark -45.5 (I was slammed by the Eagles loss which offset my massive +1.5 between the Chiefs and Jaguars (who I again remained floored – blew a 16 point lead in the fourth quarter and was the only team to lose despite scoring 50 points).
  3. Pete: -56 (Insert triumphant horns – the FIRST participant to EVERY score positive in three consecutive weeks!!)
  4. Sixtus: -65 (He was hit with the Eagle bug -33 offsetting his impressive Broncos pick +8).

By and large it was a good week of selections if you back out what happened to the Titans and Eagles which took 75% of us down (backing out those three picks we were a collective +15.5)

Beat the Spread Week 12

Week 12 Favorite Underdog
Week 12 Favorite Underdog
CHI -3 Chicago Bears Detroit Lions
DAL-7 Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins
NO -13 New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons
JAX -3 Jacksonville Jaguars Buffalo Bills
CIN -3 Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns
NE -9.5 New England Patriots New York Jets
PHI -6 Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants
TB -3.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers San Francisco 49ers
CAR -3.5 Carolina Panthers Seattle Seahawks
BAL -10.5 Baltimore Ravens Oakland Raiders
LAC -12.5 Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Cardinals
PIT -3 Pittsburgh Steelers Denver Broncos
IND -7.5 Indianapolis Colts Miami Dolphins
MIN -3.5 Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
Total Week 12

Idiom of the week: Eke: to add, supplement or grow

History: It is an old verb meaning to add, supplement or grow previously used for “eke-name” meaning additional name. This was misinterpreted later on for “An eke-name” which ultimate was interpreted as “nickname.”

Ex: The ‘eke-name’ for my picks would be ‘minimal impicks’

Happy Thanksgiving!