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Beat the Spread Challenge: Week 11

Week 10 was very successful

NFL: New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

BTS Week 10

Week 10 Favorite Underdog Feslen Pete Mark Salti Paddi Sixtus
Week 10 Favorite Underdog Feslen Pete Mark Salti Paddi Sixtus
ATL -5.5 Atlanta Falcons Cleveland Browns 17.5 17.5
NE -6.5 New England Patriots Tennessee Titans
CHI -6.5 Chicago Bears Detroit Lions -5.5 -5.5
NO -5.5 New Orleans Saints Cincinnati Bengals
IND -3 Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars
KC -16.5 Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals 4.5
NYJ -7 New York Jets Buffalo Bills
TB -3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Redskins 16
LAC -9.5 Los Angeles Chargers Oakland Raiders
GB -9.5 Green Bay Packers Miami Dolphins -9.5
LAR -9.5 Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks 4.5 4.5
PHI -7 Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys 14
SF -3 San Francisco 49ers New York Giants 7 7
Total Week 10 11.5 6 -1 -5 -5 20.5

Week 10 High Level Overview

  • 8 games netted positive amounts (vs. 6 in Week 4)
  • 4 games netted negative amounts (vs. 6 in Week 4)
  • Biggest variances: Titans +30.5 and Bengals -31.5

Current Totals – Feslen took over #1 spot, Sixtus had a 33% improvement and Pete had back to back positive weeks

  1. Feslen 15.5 (Was positive on all three picks – Browns, Seahawks and Giants)
  2. Paddi: -1 (No picks since week 1)
  3. Mark -14 (Was the ONLY picker to have 2 wrong picks this week)
  4. Salti: -24 (No picks since week 1)
  5. Sixtus: -40.5 (With a BRILLIANT Washington Redskins pick AND Cleveland Browns pick)
  6. Pete: -62.5 (Brilliant selections with Seahawks and Giants)

Also – no pressure on Feslen and Pete but no one has had positive numbers in three consecutive weeks! We could see Beat the Streak records here.

BTS Week 11

Week 10 Favorite Underdog
Week 10 Favorite Underdog
ATL -3.5 Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys
CAR -4.5 Carolina Panthers Detroit Lions
IND -1.5 Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans
NYG -1.5 New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers
HOU -3 Houston Texans Washington Redskins
PIT -5 Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars
ARI -5.5 Arizona Cardinals Oakland Raiders
LAC -7 Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos
NO -8 New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles
CHI -2.5 Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings
LAR -3.5 Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Chiefs
Total Week 10

Idiom of the week: Act the giddy goat: Behave Foolishly

History: The phrase ‘act the giddy goat’ (or ‘play the giddy goat’) wasn’t coined from scratch but was built up by degrees from earlier phrases. ‘Giddy’ has been used to mean foolish or stupid since the first millennium and has been applied as an adjective to all sorts of creatures.

Ex: My picks have me wondering if my prep is acting the giddy goat.