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5 must starts in fantasy football for Week 11

If you have these players, make sure they’re in your starting lineup.

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I know this is my must starts column and normally I do some cute little open about how there’s a tough decision I’m grappling with and how this article is here to help you make that tough decision but right now all I wanted to do is rant about Mike McCarthy. So please bear with me for a paragraph as I rant about Mike McCarthy.

Yes Aaron Rodgers missed some throws in that game that he shouldn’t have and yes the Packers defense gave up a couple of backbreaking plays late in the game but don’t let any of that overshadow the abismal coaching performance McCarthy put forward Thursday night. Two plays come to mind that left me in a state of utter and complete shock. First, not challenging that big pass to Tyler Lockett. It looked like the ball clearly moved yet McCarthy held onto that red flag like a fat kid holds onto the last remnants of his melting ice cream. Second, not going for it on fourth and three or whatever late in the 4th when you knew your banged up defense wasn’t going to get a stop. Oh and you couldn’t get a stop because you only had one timeout to work with because you somehow managed to go through two of them in the third quarter. Super work Mike.

I just want to have a season where the true glory of Aaron Rodgers can be shown to the world. Is that too much to ask? Just imagine the fantasy scoring Rodgers would put up in Sean McVay’s system. Yes please.

Also I’m just bitter that since I write this article on Fridays I can’t include Thursday night games, otherwise you know I would’ve made Aaron Jones a must start this week. He’s a must start for the rest of the season.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, here are five players that I am SUPER high on this week and if they’re on your team, they need to be in your starting lineup. I made an effort to pick players that you might be debating on since a “must start” article is kinda dumb if it’s filled with RB1s and WR1s. To make things fun, I’ve including a point total that I think they’ll reach in PPR scoring (I used to do rank for each player but I don’t think that’s as helpful, feel free to tell me if I’m wrong).

Last week’s picks: 1-4

Season’s picks: 6-14

Blarg. I can do better. I WILL do better.

WR Amari Cooper vs Atlanta Falcons

Week 11 points: 20.0


I locked Cooper on this week’s RB1 podcast but I’ve gotten even bolder since we recorded. Plus I figured if I upped the ante, then it’s a new original idea. Just cheating my own system. Well done me.

Why am I so cocky about Cooper this week? Since joining the Cowboys, Cooper has led the team in targets and receptions and clearly is the guy Dak Prescott is looking to every time Jason Garrett has the cajones to call a pass play. And the Cowboys better be calling plenty of passing plays as they’re going up against the Falcons who rank third in the NFL in touchdowns surrendered to receivers (16) and fourth in fantasy points allowed to the position (42.5). Give me all the Amari this week.

RB Alex Collins vs Cincinnati Bengals

Week 11 points: 17.5

Maybe it’s just been quiet to me, but Collins has been a decent fantasy start for most of the season now, averaging 11.2 PPR points per game. In the four weeks heading into the Ravens’ bye, Collins was averaging 12.1 points per game and scored four touchdowns in that time. He now is set to face off against a Bengals that has been getting torched by running backs recently, giving up a staggering 36.3 points to opposing backs the past four weeks.

And this is all without considering the fact that Joe Flacco isn’t going to be under center meaning you’ve got one of Lamar Jackson or Robert Griffin III playing quarterback which means a) game script says run the ball and b) both are running quarterbacks which always opens up holes for running backs to take advantage of.

WR Sammy Watkins vs Los Angeles Rams

Week 11 points: 16.0

It’s really going to kill me if this game doesn’t turn out to be the offensive lovefest we all expect it to be. But for now, I’m running with that idea all the way to the bank and trusting anyone who sets foot on the field Monday night will get at least 10 points. Before dealing with a nagging injury in Week 10, Watkins posted at least 11 PPR points in each of his last three games. The Rams defense, while boasting a lot of big names, has struggled to keep receivers out of the endzone, giving up 14 touchdowns, tied for third most in the league. Plus, never overlook a revenge game.

WR Corey Davis vs Indianapolis Colts

Week 11 points: 15.5

My wife is currently having a conundrum about whether or not to start Corey Davis and I’m staying well away from that because you never offer fantasy advice to someone you care about because if you’re wrong, it’s your fault and if you’re right, well, it’s my job to be right. But I’m riding the Corey Davis bandwagon until the wheels fall off and the Titans tumble down the hill of fantasy relevance and back into the kiboshed zone.

Davis has seen 10 targets in each of his past two games which has amounted to 13 catches for 181 yards and a touchdown. The Colts, while being average at limiting opposing wide receivers, have given up big games to number one receivers including A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, Josh Gordon,Jermaine Kearse and Donte Moncrief last week.

RB/WR Theo Riddick vs Carolina Panthers

Week 11 points: 13.5

I don’t want to toot my own horn but what’s the point of having a horn if you don’t give it a toot every once and a while? When the Lions traded Golden Tate I said to keep eyes on Riddick because he could just become the Lions’ new slot receiver. Well, what do you know! It seems exactly that is happening. Riddick has scored double digit points since the Tate trade and I’d expect that to continue against a Panthers’ secondary that’s been struggling of late.


Who’s most likely to put up my point total?

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  • 15%
    Amari Cooper 20 pts
    (51 votes)
  • 18%
    Alex Collins 17.5 pts
    (61 votes)
  • 6%
    Sammy Watkins 16 pts
    (22 votes)
  • 25%
    Corey Davis 15.5 pts
    (86 votes)
  • 34%
    Theo Riddick 13.5 pts
    (115 votes)
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