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2018 NFL RODS Power Rankings: Week 7

And the best team in the NFL is...

New England Patriots v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Controversy reigns at Fake Teams Towers as the universally acknowledged best team in the NFL by every power rankings out there once again does not sit atop the RODS rankings (although it is mighty close).

The Baltimore Ravens retain first place despite a 4-3 record and even after a defeat in Week 7 to the Saints at home. Even with a loss, the Ravens posted a positive rating of +2.9% and continue to have the league’s top rated defense, as well as a top 10 offense and special teams. Though they may have slipped slightly from the historic level their defense was on through six weeks, they managed to hold the league’s second rated offense to 24 points and under 350 total yards for only the second time this season. The Ravens’ +36.5% rating for the 2018 season is in stark contrast with last season, where through seven games, they had only managed a -8.4% rating and had them languishing in 21st place.

The undefeated Rams may currently sit second in the rankings, but they are on a stronger trend than even last season. They bounced back in style after a couple of narrow victories as they took apart the 49ers 39-10 on the road, and posted a +68.6% rating, their second highest of 2018. That leaves the Rams with a season to date rating of +33.7% vs 29.4% through the first seven games of last season where they led the league. Only a 15th ranked defense is currently keeping them off the top spot, though the -1.3% defensive ranking in Week 7 was their joint best of the season so far.

One of the more shocking ratings of Week 7 came from the Bears, who sit third despite losing 38-31 to the Patriots at home. They posted a +17.1% rating compared to the Patriots -20.0%, as two special teams touchdowns were the difference as the Bears out gained New England by 70 yards, had four offensive touchdowns to the Patriots two, 29 first downs and were more efficient on third downs (50% conversion vs 46%) and in the Red Zone (100% TD conversion vs 75%). Like the Ravens, the Bears are sitting far higher than the same point last year with a season to date rating of +22.4% against -17.1% last year, which had them in 26th place. The Bears along with the Ravens continue to be the only teams with a top 10 offense (8), defense (5) and special teams (5).

The Colts had the highest rating of Week 7 as they posted a +82.9% rating as they strolled past the Bills 37-5. It was their best rating for exactly four years when they posted a +94.3% rating in a 27-0 rout of the Bengals in week 7 of the 2014 season. The Broncos finished with the second highest rating of the week with +77.1% in their 45-10 win over the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. For Denver, it was their highest rating in six years (+97.1 vs Chiefs, week 17, 2012 season).

At the bottom it was finally a good week for the Raiders as their bye meant they stopped free falling and moved off the bottom to be replaced by the Cardinals who posted a -88.6% rating in the loss to the Broncos. For Arizona, this wasn’t even their worst rating of the last 12 months as they suffered a -95.7% rating in Week 17 of last season at the Rams. The Bills also dropped a place to 30th after their heavy defeat to the Colts (-84.3%) as the Falcons moved up a spot after their win over the Giants.

2018 NFL RODS Rankings

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